Let’s talk about September! end of carefree (?) summer, back to school, and the 🤬daily grind – plus all the end-of-the-year planning, quarterly, yearly, promotions, bonus pools….

Who wants to come back to a pile of problems?

Nobody sane – and yet who has the luxury to say no?  – Nobody sane.

So what would a reasonable person do?  Have a plan.

I happen to have one for you!

Mayda Poc Coaching

Reset = making room for the new

Take a moment to think about the last 8 months, what you want to bring forward, and what you’d like to ditch, professionally, in your life, in your relationships and connections.  

👉What and who depletes you?👉What excites you?  👉What were your successes? 👉What challenges did you face and what would you like to change? 

You may not have the choice nor the control to ditch all that doesn’t work, but you can find strategies to make it more tolerable while working on an “I am exiting them” strategy.

Example? You hate your job, you know it’s about time to say sayonara but the bills are not gonna pay themselves – what can you do while working with a career coach (i.e. with me!) to find the job you deserve?  

Your options can be: finding aspects of your work that you enjoy or appreciate, practicing better boundaries, stress management techniques, or experimenting with ways to make your work more engaging or challenging while you connect internally and expand your network.

This will mean that you are not fighting every day to make it to the next but are making intentional progress towards your goals, making every task count.

Make a plan and stick to it

Not on the calendar or the to-do list? Will not get done.  

Get into the good habit of having a plan, and setting goals (that as you know are SMART -Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound).  Revisit every week as things can change quickly (remember covid?).  Stay flexible and adapt, and more importantly, focus also on your longer-term goals.  

One way to stay the course is to create a plan, strategies and tactics that help you make changes on a daily basis while not necessarily taking undue risks or making drastic changes.

Example? to avoid overwhelm between working on your goals and dealing with the job’s daily fires, get into the habit of asking yourself every morning how you’d like to be, or to feel (productive, calm, achieved, etc) then write down 3 things that will help you get there, and 3 things to stop doing. 

And get yourself accountable to accomplish what you committed to doing (for yourself, when you fall out the wagon, remind yourself, you should be your first priority).

Mayda Poc Coaching

Challenge yourself

Living life inside a golden cage can seem enticing, but it can get quickly boring, then annoying, then feeling dead inside.  

We all need a bit of excitement, stress is one form of it, and there are much better ways!  

Get outside your comfort zone.  Daily if you can.  Enroll help (therapist, coach, accountability buddy) if you need it.  

It will be uncomfortable but if you choose low-risk tasks to begin with, you will start seeing results and hence will be encouraged to do more of it.

Example? What scares you right now and what smaller version of it can you test?  

Let’s take public speaking.  Let’s assume that yours truly is challenging you to volunteer for your team lunch and learn with the big guys.  You’re stressed out at the idea, but you know it will pay big time for your promotion.  

A way to get ready? Start speaking more in meetings as a participant, lead conversations whenever you can, do a mini presentation and record yourself (it’s an interesting experiment), and see how you can improve.  You are training your nervous system to feel ok and in control when challenged.  The more you do it in a controlled environment, the less a new thing it will be in real life.

So go for it! What has been scaring you yet you know you need to get over it? what have you been avoiding that has been taking way too much mental space? 

What if now is the right time to move forward?