Mayda Poc Coaching

Your Life, Your Terms…It all starts with you today…

Mayda Poc Coaching

Your Life, Your Terms…It all starts with you today…

From Wall Street to International Career and Life Coach for Executives

Balance, Clarity, and Purpose… As an executive working in Finance, a Law firm, or other fast-paced environments, how much of that do you currently have in your career and in your life?

Let’s talk about having it all, the goals, the dreams, the feeling of fulfillment…with a side of purpose.

Are you looking for the next step in your career? Do you want to achieve a better work/life balance? Are you searching for ways to manage your time and energy more efficiently? Do you feel there is more to life than just this never-ending cycle of stress and work and obligations?

I know the feeling, I was in your shoes not so long ago. Mayda Poc Coaching was born from my years of working in a fast-paced and demanding industry. Today, I am here to share with you my knowledge and to show you the way to personal and professional growth and to achieve your goals.

Living the life that you want starts with you and with what you already have. It’s an inside job. Through my training and experience in coaching and hypnosis, I have the tools to help you make the most of it. I will help you discover your own roadmap, step by step.



Mayda Poc Coaching offers a range of coaching services from life coaching, career coaching and hypnosis.




A completely eye-opening experience!

Working with Mayda Poc enabled me to re-frame my professional history and accomplishments in a way that inspired me to have difficult conversations with senior management about compensation and promotion.

I was able to discuss these sensitive topics with my managers from a place of confidence and abundance instead of lack, and entitlement.

I asked for what I wanted, and I got it!

Thanks to Mayda I was promoted to Director within one year of working with her.

I believe Mayda’s years on Wall Street as a successful manager gave her the skill set to help me (a female) navigate the competitive environment of investment banking in a diplomatic way. I am so grateful to have worked with her.

On a personal note, Mayda is highly empathic and intuitive.  She has a remarkable ability to connect with a diversity of career coaching clients. 

After each session, I was even more impressed with her wise counsel than before as she continued to help me to connect the dots, build my confidence, and help me understand possible career alternatives. 

I highly recommend her as a career coach to anyone that requires objective, no nonsense strategies to getting to the next level or changing careers.

C.O., Senior Wall Street Investment banker

Working with Mayda exceeded my expectations from the very first session.

Her intuitive, surefooted coaching reflects a developed ability to translate and apply her vast knowledge and experience of executive leadership across organisations, sectors and cultural contexts.

Her scope, range, and precision is simply stunning.

Working at fully my own pace, she encouraged to achieve my goals by going with the flow and to plan my next steps by tuning into my intellect, body and intuition to understand the roots of my challenges, acknowledge and respond to the resistances that arise, and channel this into personal and professional growth. We used a range of concepts and tools to help me (re)frame whatever I brought to the sessions.

Her support has helped me navigate a particularly sticky stage in my career between early career academic and strategic leader. I am truly grateful! Thank you Mayda! 

Dr.A.D.  – Senior Lecturer at a London University, UK

I was juggling a new location, new job, with a toddler during the pandemic and another baby on the way.

Within my first session with Mayda I felt more centered again, allowing time to reflect finally.

Through our sessions, Mayda coached me in a direct, no BS, manner but also open and receptive to what I was telling her.

Thank you Mayda for supporting me through this chaotic period!

S.S., Senior Director of E-Commerce

Mayda taught me how to treat my career and personal pursuits as a holistic and deeply personal journey.

When all my worlds collided during the pandemic, I needed her more than I knew!

She challenged me to answer the tough questions, surface my deepest desires, and re-establish my core values.

I loved how she helped me uproot my mental blocks and anxiety—and replace them with self-understanding and celebration.

Her process empowered me to prioritize myself when taking action to reshape my reality. She motivated me to prepare for fulfilling opportunities, manifest a career pivot, and expect abundance!

Mayda’s steadfast kindness and direct, yet supportive approach made me feel seen, heard, and pushed to show up at a new level. She went above and beyond to counsel me whenever I needed her—exercising immense EQ and flexibility along the way.

I’m forever grateful for her support, wisdom, and friendship during our 12-week engagement. Looking forward next time, Mayda! Thank you so much!

A.C., Creative Strategist, Product Incubator

My 12-week journey with Mayda has been transformational.

Mayda is a patient and perceptive listener, and provided me with a safe space to explore deeply personal questions.

Her coaching helped me first establish a strong foundation of self-understanding and self-love with useful frameworks, and then guided me through challenging professional and personal situations with actionable tools.

At the end of my program with Mayda, I feel both at peace with the path I’ve taken and empowered to embrace future challenges down the road.

Y.L., Senior UX Researcher

Mayda is truly a master of her craft.

She’s intelligent, professional, thoughtful, incredibly perceptive, and most of all empowering.

I felt incredibly inspired and confident after every session.

I was at a stage in my career in which I was ready to make a career change and pivot into a role that would be a better fit for me.

She challenged me to dive deep, to become more in tune with myself and my values, helped me identify the right role/sectors based on my values/interests, and equipped me with the right professional tools to stand out from the competition.

I’m so grateful for this experience with Mayda.

I will forever value the impact she made on my life and career.

S.B., New York – Associate Global Marketing – Luxury Goods

I had the pleasure of working with Mayda over the last few months and found her guidance and approach to coaching to be extremely supportive and encouraging, which is just what I was looking for. 

Her commitment to your progress is incomparable and she is always available to work through anything

U.B., Head of Sales in a Financial Institution, NY

I was at a point where I needed time to reflect back on my career so far and tools to help me grow in my career. A colleague of mine recommended Mayda, as she had success working with her in the past.

Mayda was highly recommended, and I am pleased to have worked with her.

Her unique holistic approach of working on both life and career aspects helped me navigate some hectic times throughout the pandemic and as we are back in the office

R.J., Director of Engineering, London

Mayda Poc is one of a kind.

Her wealth of Wall Street knowledge and experience allows her to provide you with a unique insight on how the real world functions, all while using her wisdom as a life coach to empower you from within.

Earlier this year, I was facing several personal situations that depleted my energy and will power to grow. I could not see a way out. She helped me restructure my priorities and life goals. We brainstormed and created feasible solutions. She held me accountable while encouraging me to continue to reach for my optimum potential.

After each session, I felt relieved, hopeful, empowered, focused and honestly speaking, I felt like a million bucks! It was her motivation and deep belief in my capabilities that allowed me to come out on top.

I am so thankful she came into my life when she did. It was thanks to her guidance as a life coach, that I was able to overcome my hardships in a short period of time.

Thank you, Mayda!

J.V., New York, NY – Senior Bank Executive

I was simply blown away by just how effective working with Mayda was in only a matter of weeks.

I really did not know what to expect going in, but it’s been transformational for my career in so many ways.

She empowers you to identify and act- which was key for me as I was looking to pivot roles in the midst of covid!

Her experience and insights are invaluable, she is incredibly intelligent, direct, and kind. It is a privilege to call Mayda my mentor

A.B., New York – Associate Private Equity

I started working with Mayda on the recommendation of a friend who had a positive career coaching experience.

Since it was a friend referral I had high expectations and Mayda still blew me away.

She has a special talent for quickly understanding the business context to help her clients diagnose challenges and come up with solutions.

I really appreciate Mayda’s warm and empathetic yet direct approach

J.S., London – Partner

I absolutely loved working with Mayda! She is professional, effective, flexible, empathetic yet never judgmental.

She helped me as I was going through a transitional period where I needed help refocusing and defining objectives professionally and personally.

Mayda quickly understood what I needed, challenged me in the most supportive way to help me move forward.

While I was working with Mayda, I had the feeling that I was going to carry this experience and these learnings for a lifetime!

I am very grateful for this experience, thank you for everything Mayda!

L.D., New York – Paris – Associate Marketing Manager

Mayda is a gem.

She came highly recommended at a time where I needed her the most.

She has an endearing and warm approach, but make no mistake, she is effective in her communication and provides the right amount of push you need to achieve success. It is a process that requires a lot of self work and reflection, and with her guidance, counsel and advice I have no doubt that you will get there too.

Her method has really worked for me and I find the same has happened to all of my friends who have signed on with Mayda. She is a professional who actually cares about you, your well being, and your personal and professional goals.

Mayda, keep up the great work!

N.T., New York – Senior Sales Manager

Three coaches have helped me with my business, but something was still blocking me from moving forward.

Three sessions with Mayda released the block, and now I’m moving forward and excited about the work I need to do to grow the business.

Thank you, Mayda!

S.R., Massachusetts – Senior Editor

Mayda has a way of getting to the root of the problem in a very no-nonsense approach.

While others tend to spend way too much time digging up ancient history, Mayda gets right to the point in a very gentle and supportive way.

With her gentle approach, I was able to let my guard down in order to receive the guidance I was looking for.

Because of Mayda and her amazing gifts, I have more confidence and I have been able to clear negative thoughts and beliefs that were sabotaging my success. And I love how someone so soft-spoken and sophisticated can be so strong and powerful. I highly recommend working with Mayda.

It will make all the difference on your path to prosperity and success in every area of your life.

J.L., New York, NY – Senior Publisher

Mayda is one of a kind!

As a coach she’s smart, insightful, direct but also flexible, understanding and endlessly supportive. 

Like many type A New Yorkers, I started my journey with Mayda purely focused on professional development.

While she diagnosed my professional opportunities quickly, she also challenged me to look at my life holistically to identify behavior and values that will create a happy life, professionally and personally.

Thanks for everything so far Mayda!

J.C., New York – V.P. of Planning and Business Development

Mayda is the first and only life coach I will ever have. She is simply incredible.

As a high achieving creative, a perfectionist and (unfortunately) a bit of a “know it all”, it’s difficult for me to justify going to anyone outside of my typical mentors for help.

Mayda has shown me that not only is she valuable, she’s a NECESSITY to my success, as she not only understand any problem I am up against but offers creative solutions, feedback, observations, and practical modalities to help move me forward.

Mayda is professional, courteous, flexible and never judgmental. I wish I had discovered Mayda earlier on in my career!

L.F., New York, NY – Senior Marketing and Podcaster

I was simply blown away by just how effective working with Mayda was in only a matter of weeks.

I really did not know what to expect going in, but it’s been transformational for my career in so many ways.

She empowers you to identify and act- which was key for me as I was looking to pivot roles in the midst of covid!

Her experience and insights are invaluable, she is incredibly intelligent, direct, and kind. It is a privilege to call Mayda my mentor

A.B., New York – Associate Private Equity

Mayda is much more than a life coach. 

She helped me get through an awful time and I am finally free to move forward with an open heart. Mayda has an amazing gift that she shares generously and gives no-nonsense advice without judgment.

I feel truly blessed that Mayda was willing to work with me week after week, through all the struggles and challenges that I faced. I will be forever grateful for all that she has done for me

W.R., Massachusetts – General Counsel

As much as I am aware of my capabilities and purpose for this lifetime, I couldn’t get past the unconscious programming that is meant to help me blend with society and family.


With hypnosis and coaching, Mayda helped me release this programming so I can breathe fully and deeply into who I am and my life’s work.

S.D., Massachusetts – Coach and Mentor

I made it!!!! I have just been notified that I made partner in my law firm!.

I wanted to say a massive thank you for all your guidance, help and support over the last few months. I was so close to giving up but you encouraged me to keep pushing, while thinking about possible Plan B. You are an amazing coach.

C.B., New York, NY – Partner in a Major Law Firm

After 18 years in Wall Street, I was at a crossroads in my personal and professional life.

I was anxious and unsure where my life was headed; I knew I needed guidance. This is when I started the coaching work with Mayda. 

Mayda took the time to listen and to put things in perspective.

Working with a life coach like Mayda was a great gift that I gave myself, as ultimately, it gave me clarity on where I wanted to go and the tools to carry on with my projects.

D.G.L., New Jersey – Senior Wall Street Executive

The past couple of months, Mayda has led me through a series of mediations that have been extremely beneficial.

She has gently and with compassion allowed me the space to go deeper into myself and resolve and clear past inner conflicts and find my own way to healing.

I am thrilled with the results that I have experienced with Mayda and her hypnosis sessions and would strongly recommend her.

Thank you Mayda, I appreciate what you had done for me!

W.P., New Mexico – Senior Consultant

I started working with Mayda after a series of stressful events, at my demanding work mainly, were impacting my otherwise excellent health, as well as my job performance and my relationships with my colleagues.

Through coaching and hypnosis, Mayda taught me how to regain control of my thoughts, how to manage stressful situations, and more importantly, how to make choices that are right for me.

These sessions with Mayda helped me regain confidence in myself and in my self worth.

I feel more relaxed about my future, and my days are much more enjoyable.

K.B., Arizona – Senior Executive

As an investment banker, I have always been that high achiever who would thrive in competitive environments. Yet, came a time when I felt something was missing. I needed a change.

I needed to find a way to feel more fulfilled, that wouldn’t involve a change in my career or in my personal life.

This is why I worked with Mayda.

Through coaching and hypnosis, she helped me find what I was looking for; and it didn’t involve giving up anything or making a drastic change.

I now feel more empowered and more in control of the direction of my life.

Thank you, Mayda!

C.G., New York – Senior Wall Street Executive

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