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From Wall Street to International Career and Life Coach for Executives

Balance, Clarity, and Purpose… As an executive working in Finance, a Law firm, or other fast-paced environments, how much of that do you currently have in your career and in your life?

Let’s talk about having it all, the goals, the dreams, the feeling of fulfillment…with a side of purpose.

Are you looking for the next step in your career? Do you want to achieve a better work/life balance? Are you searching for ways to manage your time and energy more efficiently? Do you feel there is more to life than just this never-ending cycle of stress and work and obligations?

I know the feeling, I was in your shoes not so long ago. Mayda Poc Coaching was born from my years of working in a fast-paced and demanding industry. Today, I am here to share with you my knowledge and to show you the way to personal and professional growth and to achieve your goals.

Living the life that you want starts with you and with what you already have. It’s an inside job. Through my training and experience in coaching and hypnosis, I have the tools to help you make the most of it. I will help you discover your own roadmap, step by step.

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Mayda Poc Coaching offers a range of coaching services from life coaching, career coaching and hypnosis.
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