Committing to a goal takes more than wishful thinking; it is a personal investment.


As the founder of Mayda Poc Coaching, my philosophy is to give you a choice of concrete and practical tools to help you achieve your goals with ease and focus as you are preparing to take your next personal steps.


A new phase in your personal life or your career starts with a new mindset, no dramatic changes are required.


Through a series of sessions, and using various tools, I will guide you to clearly understand what you really want and the best steps to get there.


When your goals are specific, when you have identified what is getting in the way, when you acquire healthy reflexes, you give yourself the freedom to be as successful as possible.


I am here to help you realize your potential, find enjoyment and live a richer life, in alignment with your desired goals.


I offer several packages depending on what you desire to accomplish.  Because of my personal experience, I offer special rates to Cancer Survivors.  Contact me to know more!

Life Coaching

Identify and achieve your personal goals, find a better work-life balance, manage less stress in your daily life and find financial independence.

Working with an experienced life coach can help you identify and modify your unhealthy behaviors.




Career Coaching

Are you looking to excel at your current job or re-energize your career? Or to make a change in your professional life?


I will help you assess your professional situation, and support you in making informed decisions about your career objectives, development and trajectory, as well as take inventory of the various resources you currently have to help you making choices.

Together, we will focus on identifying your values and your skills, and exploring the various paths that work for you.



During the coaching sessions, I use tools such as coaching exercises, hypnosis, guided imagery and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to guide my clients on a journey towards their desired goals.


Hypnosis can be an extremely valuable tool for stress management and for performance related situations, such as public speaking and job interviews.

Hypnosis has helped many of my clients take control of their behavior by modifying their reactions, controlling them and becoming more focused on their goals.


Free Consultation

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