Working the fast and furious corporate life is never an easy balancing act. 

At some point, many of us will feel the need to pause and re-assess where we are in our careers.

  • Whether you are at a crossroads in your career and looking for the next step up,
  • getting promoted,
  • getting a raise,
  • honing in your career personal branding,
  • mastering the art of skillful communication,
  • re-igniting your inner leadership and making the impact that you desire;
  • If you are looking to change jobs,
  • or wanting to re-imagine your next move, as a new job or a new and different career;
  • If you want to excel in your team leader role,
  • and ensure your 360 skills are well-rounded and honed in;
  • If it’s time for you to re-evaluate how you envisage your life going forward,
  • setting expanding goals,
  • acquiring healthier habits,
  • detoxing the old and obsolete,
  • managing your stress;

I have different coaching programs that will support you.

If you are looking for career guidance, coaching, and consulting, the Career Accelerator Program will help you when you are looking to:

  • find a new job
  • get promoted
  • pivot career

If you are looking for executive and leadership coaching, so you are:

  • excelling where you are
  • mastering new skills
  • becoming a better leader, communicator, manager and
  • finding your version of balance and fulfillment

The 360 Leadership Coaching Program is for you.

Finally, if you are interested in looking outside the box and coloring outside the usual lines:

  • exploring your life purposes
  • learning new spiritual concepts
  • and integrating them into your career and life (and everything you do and are!),

The Align Your Career with Your Highest Potential Life and Career Coaching Program is for you.


As a Career Strategist and Executive Coach that combines Life Coaching and multiple modalities, my philosophy is to give you customized, concrete, and practical tools – that you can re-use as needed- to help you achieve your goals with ease and focus as you are preparing to take your next steps in your career and life.

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Career Coaching

Do you have that nagging feeling inside that something is missing in your career?

You have had an unbroken track record of excellency but you are being sidetracked for the new and impactful projects?

You have been working your backside off and the promotion is still “next year, it will be you, for sure”?

Whether you are in a “should I stay or should I go” situation, or you are ready to go and get that promotion that you deserve, my Career Accelerator Coaching Program is for you.

With a set of tools and tips to help you in that crossroads moment in your life, we will define strategies and tactics and create the necessary structure to help you achieve your career goals.

    Leadership & Executive Coaching

    And so you have just been promoted to a new job as a VP, Director, MD or Team Lead?  Congrats!

    As someone who has worked for 16 years in Finance, I know how much time, energy and effort it takes to get to the next level.

    The momentum of a new position can be the ideal time for you to step up your leadership skills and set the stage for the next promotion.  Coaching can help you use that new energy and expand beyond the new title.

    My “360 Leadership and Executive Coaching Program” focuses on the main skills that any team leader needs to excel in, in order to be impactful in their new function.

    Career Accelerator - Claim what you deserve

    If you are finding yourself in that place of in-between where:

    • Nothing is moving anymore
    • You are not unhappy but you are not happy either
    • You are bored yet afraid of moving on
    • You are stuck in a golden cage, and yet don’t know where to start

    Time has come to assess where you are and what you really want for your next career step.

    By far my most popular program, the Career Accelerator Coaching Program focuses on those areas in your career that you are looking to change.

    The ultimate aim? Stepping in and owning your Inner Leadership.

    Recession Proof your life

    ClearPath Monthly Membership

    Are you experiencing decision fatigue and overwhelm – with the multitasking, the managing a team that needs constant attention and reinforcement, the managing up in warrior mode to get budget and ideas approved – to the point that you are forgetting what your goals are?

    How much clarity do you have about what you want and don’t from your career and in life?

    As a VP, Director or MD, navigating the complexities of the executive world requires clarity, intention, and a steadfast compass. The challenges you face are here to pave a way for self-growth, not detract from it.

    If you are looking for mentorship and coaching, career and leadership guidance and a sounding-board and blindspot buster, I invite you to contact me here to hear more about my monthly membership.

    A by-the-month coaching and mentoring program, the ClearPath Monthly Membership will help you sustain an intentional, stress-managed, and growth-oriented career.

    The format:

    • 4 weekly individual calls
    • 1 monthly group call/webinar
    • Text/ email support between sessions

    If you’re ready to embrace clarity and carve a path toward conscious leadership, reach out or book a free consultation to discover how this monthly membership can redirect and accelerate and your journey.

    360 Leadership Coaching Program

    Taking on that team leader role is the beginning of an exciting adventure. 

    My 360 Leadership Coaching Program will accompany you at every step of that journey.

    Throughout the duration of that 6-month program, you will be invited to stretch and expand your areas of leadership, honing in your communication and people management skills, and leading with presence and authenticity.

    The 360 Leadership Program is the integration of your past experience and the building block of your leadership presence.

    Align your Career with your Highest Potential

    If you are looking to revamp your career so that you

      • are aligned with your highest mission and purpose
      • are paid as you should
      • wake up in the morning excited, rather than depleted or stressed
      • are making the impact you want around you

    If you are looking for new ways to accelerate your career path, get a raise, a new promotion or find a new job

      • without ever sacrificing your personal integrity, with alignment and flow
      • while realizing your career and financial potential

    My 4-month, 3-step one-on-one coaching and mentoring program is a roadmap to help you identify the career that aligns most with your inner compass

    Align your Career with your Highest Potential Life and Career Coaching Program combines spiritual and down-to-earth tools to help you get what you have been longing for for so long

    Free Consultation

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