Working the fast and furious corporate life is never an easy balancing act. 

At some point, many of us will feel the need to pause and re-assess where we are in our life and career.

  • Whether you are at a crossroads in your career and looking for the next step up,
  • getting promoted,
  • getting a raise,
  • honing in your career personal branding,
  • mastering the art of skillful communication,
  • re-igniting your inner leadership and making the impact that you desire;
  • If you are looking to change jobs,
  • or wanting to re-imagine your next move, as a new job or a new and different career;
  • If it’s time for you to re-evaluate how you envisage your life going forward,
  • setting expanding goals,
  • acquiring healthier habits,
  • detoxing the old and obsolete,
  • managing your stress;

I have different coaching programs that will support you in your journey, and far beyond.

As I am both a Certified Career Coach and a Life Coach, my philosophy is to give you a choice of concrete and practical tools – that you can re-use as needed- to help you achieve your goals with ease and focus as you are preparing to take your next steps.

Through a series of sessions, and using various tools, such as hypnosis, guided imagery, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, EFT, archetypal work, and other coaching tools, I will help you find clarity about what you really want, so that you can take the steps in your right direction.

I am here to help you realize your potential, find enjoyment and live a richer life, in alignment with your desired goals.

I offer several packages depending on what you desire to accomplish. Contact me to know more!

Life Coaching

  • Identify and achieve your personal goals,
  • Have a rewarding career and successful relationships, not either/or,
  • Manage stress in your daily life,
  • Find your inner freedom to live the life that you are meant to live
  • And accomplish beyond your own expectations!

My goal? to help you connect your inner spark and feel excited when you get up in the morning!

Career Coaching

  • Are you looking to get promoted and level up your Leadership skills?
  • Or take your career to a new or different direction?
  • To feel achieved, accomplished, energized in what you do every day?
  • To reconnect with your sense of mission and purpose?

With a combination of coaching, mentoring, consulting, I will be guiding you to your next career level up – honing in your personal branding, acing your job interviews; developing your own leadership style, working on your communication style; and exploring the various paths that work for you.

Career and Life Accelerator - Own your Inner Leader

If you are finding yourself in that place of in-between where:

  • Nothing is moving anymore
  • You are not happy but you are not unhappy either
  • You are bored yet afraid of moving on
  • You are stuck in a golden cage, and yet don’t know where to start

Time has come to assess where you are and what you really want for your next career step.

By far my most popular program, the Career & Life Accelerator Mentoring and Coaching Program focuses on those areas in your career and life that you are looking to change.

The ultimate aim?  stepping in and owning your Inner Leadership.

Align your Career with your Highest Potential

4 months to reconnect to your true Self, to understand what you long for, deep down, and to what makes your heart sing.

Supported by a unique combination of coaching, hypnosis, archetypal work, money mindset work, you will embark on a 4-month journey of knowing thyself, understanding what and where you self-sabotage, and redirecting yourself onto the road of flow and alignment.

Align your Career to your Highest Potential is the integration of spirituality and life on Earth, with the ultimate goal of getting you closer to your life purpose and mission.

No more playing small! your pathway to conscious empowerment

Starting June 2022 – applications open

Do you know why you do what you do?

  • The self-sabotaging,
  • The say ‘yes’ when everything inside is screaming an unequivocal ‘no’,
  • When you reject the ‘dream job’ offer that has almost everything you wanted but feels so scary inside, you freeze and forget about it?

It’s unconscious programmings that run our life’s scripts, courtesy of four survival archetypes playing in the playground.

It’s an unconscious behavior, but it doesn’t need to stay that way.

Starting June 2022, I will be opening a new group coaching program for a maximum of 3 persons, where we will focus on unearthing and working with, not against, those powerful forces we all came with.

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