360 Leadership and Executive Coaching

Do you know what defines Leadership?


You can be the best salesperson on a trading floor, the private equity investor with more flair than most, the prolific rainmaker/dealcloser, and yet, not be ready for the new role of leading a team or a company.

And one thing you don’t have is time.  Time to get up to speed, time to figure it out, to convince and establish your leadership.

When it comes to Leadership, time will always be of the essence. 

This is why I created the 360 Leadership Coaching Program

Focused on the areas where expectations are the highest, the Leadership and Executive Coaching Program will allow you to take your innate skills to the next level, and learn and excel in the areas that matter most.

Throughout this 6-month customized coaching program, you will gain valuable insights, develop critical leadership competencies, and build stronger relationships with your team and stakeholders. You will be better equipped to navigate complex challenges, drive your team’s success, and anchor your reputation as an influential and visionary leader.

In this 6-month Program, you will learn:

  • Communication and Emotional Intelligence
  • Building relationships and managing them with decisiveness
  • Making an impact as an authentic leader
  • Leaving your mark as a visionary and influential leader
  • Breathing Leadership Presence into all you do, at the job and outside

The process:

  • 6-months, fifteen 60-min coaching sessions
  • Frequency of the sessions will be customized to your needs
  • Customized support and resources in between sessions


    You will learn new tools and strategies that you will be able to use in the future in your career and life. 

    The tools:

    • Coaching exercises
    • Hypnosis
    • Neuro-linguistic programming (nlp)
    • Presentation / public speaking skills
    • Emotional intelligence /communication tools
    • 360 feedback reviews and stakeholders discussions

    In this comprehensive 6-month program, you will explore:

    Foundation and Goal Setting

    • Identifying personal values, beliefs, and leadership style
    • Assessing strengths and areas for improvement
    • Establishing short-term and long-term leadership goals
    • Creating a personalized development plan


    Mastering Communication and Emotional Intelligence

    • Enhancing verbal and non-verbal communication skills
    • Developing emotional self-awareness and self-regulation
    • Strengthening empathy and social skills
    • Building rapport and trust with others


    Cultivating Relationships and Decisiveness

    • Understanding different personality types and working styles
    • Establishing strong relationships with team members and stakeholders
    • Developing decision-making frameworks and strategies
    • Balancing decisiveness with empathy and collaboration


    Embracing Authentic Leadership

    • Aligning your actions with your values and purpose
    • Demonstrating vulnerability and openness in your leadership
    • Fostering a culture of trust and transparency
    • Inspiring loyalty and commitment from your team


    Visionary and Influential Leadership

    • Developing a strategic mindset and long-term vision
    • Identifying opportunities for innovation and growth
    • Building a network of influence within and outside your organization
    • Communicating your vision effectively to inspire action


    Leadership Presence in All Aspects

    • Enhancing personal presence and charisma
    • Managing stress and maintaining balance in professional and personal life
    • Engaging in continuous learning and self-improvement
    • Reflecting on achievements and setting new goals for future growth

    My Leadership Program will be tailored to your needs – to hear more about this program, contact me here for a free consultation.

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