[sigh…]  You could have been overpreparing yourself, spent hours of mental work going through “what ifs”, gotten to the point of “ok, I can deal with almost anything” and then boom, your black swan event happens. All that work and planning for nothing. Emotions take over, survival fight/flight kicks in, and going back to rational and logical is the last thing on your mind.

Crises shake us to our core – they challenge us to rethink our plans and our way of thinking. They prompt us to question what we took for certain and granted.

And they are also major life transformers.

How can you make this breakdown the catalyst for a breakthrough?  – a roadmap.

Mayda Poc Coaching

Step 1: grieve what you have lost

Yes, we all want to be on the other side of that tunnel, asap.  But, we also need to give ourselves the time and space to process first.

When there is a loss, there will be a form of grief that needs to be acknowledged. Numbing, denying or bypassing will not make it go away quicker, but may prevent you from the necessary pause to sit back and process.  Your brain and body both need it.  

Bottomrock in your hero’s journey is the time for taking care of all the loose ends that have been put on the backburner of too busy to […].  

Reconnect with your close circle of friends, and your network.  Read those books, empty that inbox, declutter, and make space for the new to show up.


Step 2: crisis management

If I had to take a guess, I’d say crisis management is likely second nature for you, am I right?

This is not your first rodeo, and you know how to go through the motions.  

Leverage your planner and fixer skills.  Assess the impact of the event, round up your resources, see how you can fill in gaps, and ask for help when you need it.

Action is the antidote to overthinking.  Make a plan and stick with it until you need to adapt.  Focus on self-mastery and progress – things will start moving your way as you ready yourself.

Because now is a good time to start the healing process.


Mayda Poc Coaching

Step 3: redefine your priorities

Looking back 5 years from now, what would you like to have learned from what happened? What would you like to start doing differently today?

How can you challenge yourself outside your comfort zone without needing a crisis to push you out? 

Start small where you are and with what you can handle.  This is for part 1 of the healing process.

Part 2 is reflecting on what changes you can implement on a deeper/mindset level.  

Is your identity overly weighted towards a job, a title, or a status?  What do you really truly want from your life? What message is this crisis carrying for you, if any? (because sometimes it just s$cks is the message).


Crises create upheaval and forced change, and also the opportunity to clean up, exercise gratitude for what we have, and move on to the next adventure.