December! Yay! ….  of 2020 … hmmmmmmmmm!

If I were to summarize this year, it would look like this:

  • 1/ Suuurrrpppprrrrisssee! ==> unannounced guest … oh oops! I am in my pajamas …
  • 2/ OK then, 10 minutes tops, and then I will ask them to leave, I have stuff to do ==> 6 months later …. OK fine, I will change my ways, I will not take anything for granted anymore, great, now let’s move on
  •  3/ Oh cr*p, it’s already December, I am still in my pajamas, and I am running out of ‘seeing the blessings in disguise’


Yeah well truthfully this wasn’t the easiest year to go through – every year brings its load of challenges and new experiences.  But 2020 packed it tight!

2020 is a catalyst and an amplifier: of what we have accumulated as a collective for so many years, the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Here is my observer’s diary and account of a year not quite like any other.


Mayda Poc Coaching

2020 #essential – translation: what is important for me, now?


Outside of the ‘unprecedented’, ‘uncertain’, ‘pivoting’, the other buzzword of 2020 was …. essential /non-essential.

Dear Diary: my questions:

  • What is important for me right now?
  • What has been supporting me throughout my life?
  • What do I need to let go of?
  • How can I honor more my essentials?

What I can commit to doing:

  • Be more accountable for what I do and how I do it
  • Be more tolerant, practice more compassion
  • Be appreciative of the support system that I have

And as I did promise myself that I would behave in a more conscious way, this happened…


Mayda Poc Coaching

2020 #the new normal – how do I want my life to be?


Truly puzzled, I am.  Becoming an all online everything. 

Now I am not one to complain to work from home, I have been doing this for quite a long time, including in a corporate setting. 

But not seeing my friends, my family; not sharing a coffee break with my colleagues?

2020, you’re asking a tad too much from me.

But I also know that no matter what my experiences on the outside, I can still decide how I want to lead my life and how I want to be and to feel, right?

Dear Diary: My questions:

  • How do I want my new normal to be?
  • How do I define my sense of mission (at work, in my relationships, at home)?
  • How do I honor my values despite what’s going on?
  • What new routines can I create to stay healthy, productive, positively challenged…?

What I can commit to doing:

  • Create a personal structure that is flexible enough to adapt to any ‘new new’
  • Be in-tune with my body and spot any signs of frustration, burnout, physical, mental and emotional.

As 2020 kept on unfolding its unprecedentedness, I started feeling overwhelmed, scared and mostly scattered.  But 2020 cannot be a year for nothin’, it has to count for something…but what?

Mayda Poc Coaching

2020 #unfollow – How can I be more discerning about what I invite in my sanctuary?


In hindsight, I can see how 2020 was also a year of loads of rubbish disguised as ‘good for you’: so I made a decision: taking the trash out, I #unfollowed.

Because I needed to create space for what is actually good for me; so that I can be more aware and purposeful in what I do, how and who with.

 2020 was a good time for me to be selective about who I invite into my space (virtual and / or physical), what I put in my body, and how I was feeding my mind and thoughts.


Dear Diary: My questions:

  • How does this make me feel? Good, makes sense, resonates, irritating, just plain wrong?
  • Is this helpful, informative, uplifting, supportive?
  • Does this contribute to my highest goals?

What I can commit to doing:

  • Take an honest look at what I am telling myself. Any celebrity/influencer/ whatevs that makes me feel inadequate may not be my friend – with a nuance!
  • Ask myself whether
    • 1/ this is a form of toxic FOMO, that makes me feel small, helpless, hopeless. Or
    • 2/ envy towards them because secretly I want to be like them or have what they are having.
    • Only in case 2, decide what is realistically within my reach and go for it.
    • The rest is not for my highest good.  
Mayda Poc Coaching

And now my question to you, dear reader, because 2020 is mostly about questioning our ‘old’ ways, let me throw in a few before we leave this year, with grace…



  • Who do you want to be, how do you want to feel, in a year, in a month, tomorrow?
Mayda Poc Coaching