You have already sent 200 resumes, and connected with scores of people on Linkedin and IRL, and yet, nothing seems to be happening, except more anxiety and the perception that there are no more open doors for you.

So now what?

Common sense says be patient and take care of your nervous system; to which I will add: also focus on something else than the current absence of opportunity, but don’t drop the ball on your goals either.


Did you notice that the more you obsess on something the further away it seems to go?

Time for a different approach!

Mayda Poc Coaching

Navigating The In-Between 👉Growth Beneath the Surface

At times, despite all our efforts and diligence, it feels like nothing is working. The much-anticipated promotion or desired job change seems eternally elusive. You find yourself in a state of limbo, the “in-between,” where it feels as though you’re standing still while the world carries on. 

But what if this in-between was not a void but a space of potential, where invisible growth occurs beneath the surface?

Not of stagnation, but a time of unseen preparation and growth, setting the stage for your eventual leap forward.

In other words, a place of “active” integration: to reflect back and take inventory of what has worked for you and what hasn’t and find ways to take in the lessons and close any gaps.

  • Does your resume/Linkedin profile answer the main requirements of the job description?
  • How do you come across in interviews? 
  • Do you sound desperate? 
  • Do you go into the interview as another way of building relationships or do you see the other side as a ruthless enemy?

Nourish to Flourish 👉 Self-Care on top of your list

Do you feel you did the best your could (that is within your control)?

Then it’s time for another “active” wait-and-see: focus on yourself.

Self-care is not only about getting a massage! It’s also getting your emotional/physical/mental ducks in a row.

Time to review your habits and decide which are nourishing and nurturing and which have been owning your mental health for way too long.

  • What have you been wanting to do for ages but couldn’t because of no time?
  • MBA on your mind? Take a short certification before committing long-term resources.
  • Want to explore your creative side? Who in your network is in the know? Use this as another opportunity to broaden your reach.
  • This is also a good time to explore any self-sabotaging behavior and gain insight into the “why” behind what you do.

Mayda Poc Coaching

Broaden Your Horizons 👉 Exploring Alternatives:

When the feeling of stagnation persists, it’s time to consider alternative paths. 

  • Seek professional help from career coaches or therapists. 
  • Expand your professional network to invite fresh perspectives and opportunities. 
  • Consider furthering your education or training to enhance your marketability. 

Taking a break could provide the rest and perspective you need to rejuvenate your energy and focus. 

Explore different avenues; consider a career change, starting a side project, or turning a hobby into a business. Incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your routine to manage stress, improve focus, and boost creativity. 

Ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle for optimum physical and mental well-being. Volunteering can offer a sense of purpose and accomplishment while developing new skills and connections. 

Final thoughts: from Tunnel Vision to Panoramic View 👉 Shifting Perspectives:


To move forward, alter your perspective. When deeply immersed in your situation, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Stepping back and viewing your situation from a different angle can illuminate hidden opportunities or lessons. 

Embrace the journey and the growth it provides, instead of focusing solely on the end goal. 

Adjust your definition of success to include small victories along the journey, celebrating each step forward.

When it seems like nothing is working anymore, it’s an invitation to do and view things differently. 

This is a challenging period, but remember, it’s often through struggle and perseverance that we discover our greatest strengths. 

Stay patient, tap into your support system, care for yourself, remain open to new possibilities, and trust in your journey.