Good health, love, abundance, and prosperity … what else to wish for others and for ourselves at the beginning of this New Year? 

As we are entering this new cycle, I invite you to examine what you really want beyond those 4 ‘cookie cutter’ words.

Are we asking for more of all of the above, because we recognize our blessings and are grateful for them? or are we wishing for something we believe we don’t have?

The truth is that nothing much can fill the emptiness or the ‘not enough’ if we don’t know what we truly want.

So to start the New Year, let’s take a step back and consider a different perspective. 

What if, instead of asking for new or more stuff, we decided to make 2022’s assignment about becoming a better ‘connoisseur’ of life’s blessings, operating from a different level of awareness, appreciating the mundane-down-to-earth, and elevating it to what it really is?

An expression of the Sacred. 

Could 2022 be the year of …

Mayda Poc Coaching

Managing our resources wisely

This is where we need to begin.  Unless told otherwise, the vast majority of us are in the mindset of ‘I don’t have enough of those’.

Now!  allow me to chime in.

I am sure we can all do with more time, more energy and more money.  But getting more of any of the three will require an investment that will include…further dipping into the money/time/energy accounts.

What if we started by taking better care of our existing resources first?

We invite more sacred when we:

  • put in place structures around how we are using our time,
  • are more intentional about where/how/why we use our energy and money.
Mayda Poc Coaching

Less distraction and better focus on what matters


If you have been reading my blog posts, you know how much I love distractions (nnoott….). 

The problem with distractions is that they rob us out of future opportunities.

First because they are addictive – they can quickly become this capricious friend that wants all the attention and doesn’t give back any – aside from a feeling of instant gratification, with zero value add.

Second, they are mind-numbing.  Quite literally. 

While I am not a big fan of the ‘it’s either productive or it’s garbage’ philosophy, I do believe that life is short, hence why we need to use our time, consciously.

Yes, we can consume social media, games, looping thoughts – when they are a means to an end that we have decided on.

Outside that, distractions can become very quickly the excuse disguised as an explanation as to why we are not where we had planned to be.  

We invite more sacred when we:

  • recognize which habit has become a form of self-sabotaging, and
  • honor our desire to experience life at its fullest by keeping a balance between fun and achievements (within the definition of what makes us feel achieved).
Mayda Poc Coaching

Finding our own definition of balance

Balance on our planet is the constant loop of cycles between beginnings and ends, inputs and outputs.  Same with our brain, our bodies, our homes, our to-dos, work/life balance, and more.

Constant doesn’t need to mean life on auto-pilot. 

Rather, it’s inviting more awareness into each of our actions. 

When to accumulate knowledge and when to start sharing it. 

When to push our energy for an important task or goal and when to allow the body to experience silence and rest. 

When to challenge ourselves to be better xyz and when to experience the pleasure in the stillness of just being ourselves.

We invite more sacred when we:

  • make the conscious choice to connect with our true essence and our life purpose, understanding our sacred self-worth beyond the job title or social status and,
  • when we partner up body/mind/soul, taking inspired actions that are aligned with our true longings.

2022 is the year of sacredness

And it starts with honoring what we already have.  Not from a place of guilt (‘I feel bad I have xyz when others don’t’) but from a place of being grateful and reverent towards all of those things that we take for granted.

2022 is also a year to stay humble while still questioning any status quo, including our own beliefs. 

Knowledge is vast, our time is limited, there is so much we can do.  Let’s stay curious and open-minded.

Finally, 2022 is the year to be more intentional about what we do, how we do it, why we do it.  Maybe that’s what free will is about?  making choices from a place of more knowing and less reacting…