My Mission Statement: 

Spirituality On Wall Street

Can we be Spiritual and want:

  • A well-paid job
  • A thriving career
  • A loving relationship
  • A nurturing family
  • And supportive connections?

The answer is a big resonating YES

Freedom, alignment, inner peace are our birthrights

What gets in the way?

  • Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve
  • Fear of rejection
  • Not doing the ‘right thing’ (translate what we have been told is ‘appropriate’)
  • Playing small (imposter syndrome and its equivalents)

My job?

In mentoring you:

  • To offer you a new perspective regardless of what others think
  • To use my 16-year experience in fast and furious highly controlling Investment Banking and my years of coaching and mentoring people like you

In coaching you:

  • To give the safe space and place to allow for any of your thoughts to find their expression, especially when they go ‘against the grain’
  • To allow you to discover and affirm your sovereignty and find your self-expression, in alignment with your values and purpose

While teaching you:

  • Tools, methods, techniques, knowledge, and learnings that I have gleaned throughout my journey


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With many thanks