You only live this moment once, give it your full attention

February 19, 2019

You only live this moment once, give it your full attention, make it count!. It may take a nano-second for life to take a completely different turn. It sometimes comes unexpectedly, and most times you can be the one making that change too.


When we are present to the present moment, we mobilize our attention, our body, our mind. We focus on what is happening in front of us and on our behavior. We get to be aware of what’s within our control, and can be more attuned to our environment.


Today notice what’s happening around you. All these little things that have become so familiar to you that they are invisible. The details in a clothing item, a picture on the wall, the landscape while commuting.

Tomorrow, choose a different coat, a different route, focusing your attention on what’s around you.


What has made you smile? what intrigued you? Were you able to be fully present, or was your experiment highjacked by your to-do list? What can you replicate in your daily life?