You are the boss of you – period

January 6, 2020

If you were to sum up what you want for 2020…

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think about your 2020?

Comment below!

What can you commit to leave in 2019?


Take a few minutes and a grab a piece of paper; write down your answers to the below questions:

*What unhelpful behaviors am I ready to leave behind?

*What expired friendships/relationships am I ready to make peace with and let go of?

*What do I want 2020 to look like for me?


You are the boss of you!


No matter what you have been told in the past-by your family, your school or your management -you and only you have the power of decision when it comes to your career.

Don’t fall for the usual narrative that because of your age, your lack of degrees […], then you cannot do this or should not do that!

You can decide to change your circumstances, in small or big steps, and take calculated risks as you see fit.

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How do you celebrate your own victories?


When we are so focused on our goals and other to-do lists, it can be easy to overlook what we have already solved and accomplished.

While it’s ok to be humble, we also owe it to ourselves to pat ourselves in the back every once in a while.    


Because imagine that 100 things happened today, our brains will pick the 1 thing that didn’t go well, and that will become the focus of our thoughts for the rest of the day.

But what about the other 99 good things that happened?  Shouldn’t we congratulate ourselves on a job well done?

So how do we do that?

First by taking a moment every day to reflect back on what happened.  You can do at the end of the workday, before leaving the office, or during your commute (if you’re not driving!) or anytime you have a couple of minutes

Second, by listing the big victories, and remembering our part in them.

Third:  by looking at patterns: what in our behaviors, or of our skills or knowledge helped make the situation a success.  And make a mental note to use this more often!

Finally before sinking into sleep, bring back the feeling of success and, let it stay with you for a couple of minutes before you go zzzz.

The feelings of fulfillment, success, accomplishment are the best gift you can give your body and your nervous system after a long day of work.

Try it and let me know how it goes!