You are 3 seconds away from a bad (or good) decision

March 5, 2020

In or out?

Consider this week the time to observe your strategies and behaviors, and not only when all is rainbows and unicorns.

What should stay and what is out?

What we do, consciously or unconsciously, whether it serves us or messes us up, has a purpose.

Find what’s in it for you, what’s keeping you stuck, and replace it with healthier behavior.


Find your real freedom

You have the freedom of making your own choices.

Your responsibility? to use that freedom wisely.

What better choices can you make going forward?


Who’s the responsible party here?

Remember one thing: when it comes to your behaviors and your choice, you are only accountable to yourself.

Any other conversation is either an explanation or an excuse.

By taking responsibility for your own part in it, you allow your brain the space to find the lessons and the ways to do it differently,  if needed, the next time around.


You are always 3 seconds away from a bad decision…or a good one for that matter.

Think about your day so far.

How many times did you see yourself jumping and wanting to shout your disagreement, disappointment or anger at that Facebook post, that work email or at that person on your way to work?

We live in a society where everything is subject to debate.  Between the plastic surgery of that Oscars actress, to the latest political news.

Debate is good, transparency is good.

Over-reaction ain’t.

So before you head to a(nother?) anger management workshop, read this month’s blog, When you are about to blow of fuse…do this instead.

Mayda Poc Coaching – About to blow a fuse? – do this instead…

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