Where do you waste time and attention?

March 19, 2020

How focused are you?

Now is more than ever the time to stay focused on what’s important for you.

Where do you waste time and attention?

In which ways? (overthinking/over-analyzing, procrastinating, unnecessary distractions…)



Listen to the messenger

When we engage in distractions, numbing, stalling or procrastination, we are losing track of what’s important for us.

Confront your discomfort.

Do what’s within your control, seek support for the rest.

Find your own ways to regroup


Each of us has our ways to go back to be more centered and grounded, i.e. focused.

Find what works for you.

Removing yourself from the situation, putting music on your ears, talking to someone, […].

And commit to make it a new strategy for when things are going crazy.

Client Case study: I am all over the place

How can you make your moments and days count when your life is all over the place?

The story below is of a client who was also, all over the place.

Many of the tools she learned can be applied to your current circumstances.

Female Executive in her late 20s

  • Senior position in a prestigious tech company
  • Manages a large team
  • In charge of (way too many) projects

The result:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unproductive
  • Depleted and demotivated
  • Feeling not enough to get the job done

My coaching solutions:

  • Focus your attention on your priorities and most urgent tasks
  • Delegate
  • Have a classic to-do list with action plans

The result:

  • Focused on her vision and on her next steps