Where do you feel you are missing out?⁣

September 16, 2019

Do you live for the weekends only?

Monday morning, you wake up:


* What is the first thing that crosses your mind?

* What is your general (positive) excitement level to get out of bed, from minus ten to plus ten?

What could make you feel more energized and driven to start the week on the right foot?



Where do you feel you are missing out?


What do you daydream about?


More quiet time


More alone time


More personal time


More friends and family time


More travel?



Write today the list of dreams that you’ve had for some time and that hasn’t been fulfilled yet.


What can you do today to get yourself one step closer?.  


Loyalty and job, a zero-sum game?


Examine your values and how congruent they are with the work you do.  


What concessions are you making?


Are you making them to stay safe, because they are a means to an end? or because you want to avoid a difficult conversation?


At what point does your loyalty to your job, your managers, your team become too big of a price to pay?


Client Case Study: Examine your loyalties at work


Female executive in her mid-40s.  

  • Takes on part of her juniors’ workload.  
  • Covers for her manager who takes random personal time, including during her own time off.


The result: 

  • she doesn’t feel appreciated at work, is depleted, demotivated and resentful. 


My coaching solutions: 

  • Learning to delegate, 
  • learning to ask for what she wants, 
  • learning to respect her body’s needs. 


The result: promoted


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How to politely decline “not your job description” work?


Do you feel that some people have a knack at pushing certain of their tasks upon you?  


Do you feel compelled to accept to do it, even if it’s not your job, that you are not paid for it and it might have no value ad whatsoever for your work or your career?


Today’s tip is for you:  explain with calm and logic that, even though you are always happy to help, right now, unfortunately, you are short-staffed and overwhelmed with deadlines, so you will not be able to help them in a timely fashion.  


They will ask you when you can, and again, as long as this is a job that you should not be doing, you can politely decline by saying that you don’t have visibility on when you will be available to help.  Soorryyy!!


You’re not saying a direct no, but you are explaining you’d be happy to lend a hand, when time permits, and it’s not now.


Try it, several times, and observe.  They will try until they understand you are not going to fall for it.  And let me know how this goes!


I help my executive clients find balance in their hectic lives.  If you want to get more out of your life, contact me at mayda@maydapoccoaching.com for a free consultation.