When does your responsibility stop?

April 24, 2019

Who do you place your loyalty with?. Do you take off your personal time to “cover” for a junior or a supervisor, but you know they don’t do the same for you, and even come to expect it from you?.


Some of my clients also suffer from the “syndrome of misplaced loyalty”, trying to prove oneself’s value by overprotecting and bearing someone else’s burdens of responsibility, without being paid nor even acknowledged for it.

Time to start practicing healthy boundaries at work.

Do not let your emotions and a sense of guilt get in the way of your professional integrity. Your boss is not a parent, but a manager with their own objectives. Your junior is not a kid who needs protecting, but a professional looking for guidance to support the team.

Be aware where your responsibility ends and allow others to honor theirs: helping others, yes; but becoming a doormat out of guilt….

Place your loyalty with people who will return the favor to you in a heartbeat. They are the most valuable assets you could find: allies.