What you are committing to doing for yourself?

June 17, 2020

Name one thing you are committing to doing for yourself this week

Something that will be helpful to you.



Some suggestions:


  • Changing a habit
  • Installing a new habit
  • Doing something you have been stalling to do
  • Learning something new


Your turn, how do you want your week to look like?


Does your ‘later’ results in ’too late’?



  • How many times do you say ‘later’ when you know deep down you mean ‘now’?
  • When did your ‘I should really do it’ became a ‘I should have done it’?
  • What did it cost you?  [delays, regrets and guilt (and missed opportunities)].


When you see yourself slipping behind, ask yourself what you are hiding from?  What pain are you avoiding?


  • Then inquire: is it a reality or just an ‘what ‘if’?
  • Can I accept the ‘potential cost’ of the growing discomfort for the ‘benefit’ of more expansion and more possibilities?


  • Renew your commitments to yourself and to your career.
  • Examine what is blocking you and what needs to happen to move forward.
  • Seek support when you feel stuck.


Coaching and hypnosis are powerful tools to get you reacquainted with your productive self.


If you want to know more about how I can help you overcome those same obstacles, contact me at mayda@maydapoccoaching.com



What is lurking behind your personal curtain?


Behind every action we take, there is an intention.

The challenge is to find why we do or don’t do what we want to.

Observe why you are procrastinating.


  • Is a fear of not knowing enough, not being enough, being criticized and judged?


  • Do you just feel unprepared and cannot wing it?


What is your next move?


Preparedness is key


When you prepare for the worst, do you also prepare for the best?

Which is taking up more of your attention?

Instead of focusing on what would go wrong ( let’s say 50% of your scenarios), can you also focus on the other 50%?


Client case study: ‘What if’


Who hasn’t encountered setbacks, obstacles and crises in their life?

It’s some sort of rite of passage on a collective and individual levels.

And this is also how we transform in the long run.

This transformation will happen if we take action and work toward what we truly want.

Because action ==> creating new opportunities; of learning something new to begin with.

This is what my client discovered, when she switched from ‘all that I have done is useless now’, to ‘I honor my goals and will adapt as things unfold’.


Female Marketing Executive in her early 40s


  • Is in career transition
  • Looking for a job in a new industry
  • As the current global health crisis was breaking


The result:

  • Feels hopeless about her prospects
  • Has stopped any search


My coaching solutions:

  • Continue setting goals for the future
  • Get ready (and adapt) for when hirings re-open


The result:

  • Connecting with new industries, and getting interviews