What is your leadership style?

September 9, 2019

How do you define leadership? 


According to Social Psychology, “leadership is the process of influencing others in a manner that enhances their contribution to the realization of group goals”.


Observe today -in your own Company or outside- how leadership is expressed.  


What can you model out of those examples? 



What is your leadership style?


There is not only one way to express leadership.  


From religious figures to politicians to entrepreneurs and CEOs, every person has their own style.  


The points they have in common? Their vision and actions inspire others.


How do you communicate your vision to others?  


Are your actions aligned with your vision?


Where does your responsibility start and where does it stop?


Leadership is also empowering others.  


It’s not micromanaging and still staying on top of the issues. 


It’s seeing the big picture and yet mentoring and contributing to the team effort.


In which ways are you empowering your own team and other stakeholders in your company?


What can you do today to encourage feedback, more communication and sharing?


What is the cost of taking on more than your fair share?


Today, do an inventory of your own tasks today, the ones in your job description and the ones that you actually end up performing.  


Do you take on too much out of fear of things falling through the cracks?


In which places are you letting people off the hook with all sorts of excuses?


Do you feel the need to play nice?


What is the cost of avoiding difficult conversation?


Being in a position of leadership will imply discomfort and difficult conversation.  Mastering them while staying in your integrity is also what will inspire others to follow on your steps.


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