What is Spirituality On Wall Street?

January 8, 2019

What is Spirituality On Wall Street?



Spirituality on Wall Street was born from my belief and knowing that there are many positive actions being carried out in the world, that needed a place to be showcased in a free and non-judgmental way.



This blog is my place where I contribute to make your daily life better, more in control of the stresses and hecticness that come from bearing so many responsibilities – you as a banker, an entrepreneur, a business owner, a financier, a lawyer, an executive and a human from all walks of life.


So that you have more space in your life to express your vision and your contribution to a better planet, environment, and society,


This is what this page is about: thinking outside any box and challenging the status quo. It’s about eliciting a new form of dialogue, based on diversity of opinions and experiences, and facilitating the emergence of a third way, beyond any labeling.


This blog is a work-in-progress. I welcome relevant guest posts or anyone who owns a business and would like to be featured.



I also invite you for further discussion on social media, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram, or by email at mayda@maydapoccoaching.com.


With many thanks