What does your sign of “ready for a change” look like?

February 22, 2019

What does your sign of “ready for a change” look like?.


Our inner self is constantly talking to us. You can call it gut feeling, intuition or the wisdom within. You can recognize it because it is asking you to expand and try new things, for your own good.



So why don’t we listen? Because there is also that other voice, the one that is scared of change and of the unknown. That other voice that wants to keep the status-quo because it is safe, even if it is now derelict or obsolete for you.



Which voice will you listen to?.


When situations start to fester, become toxic and not tolerable anymore, your inner knowing will become more pressing. And the more you ignore it, the louder it will speak.



You have the choice to ignore and take the risk of a full-blown inner crisis. Or be conscious of the early signs it is sending you, for a smooth transition, on your own terms.