What does your big picture look like?

June 1, 2020

Inventory time


Almost mid-year, an opportunity to look back at what would have been an eventful year so far.

1/ Looking back to the beginning of this year, where are you on your goals?

2/ What are your biggest wins?

3/ What do you want to change at this point?

Back to the drawing board (ish)?


Where do you see yourself in the mid to long term?

Even in a changing and turbulent environment, you can still make plans; but instead of relying on something outside of your control (the economy, the job market…), make it about your personal growth.

How do you see yourself in 6 months?


What needs to change?


What does your big picture look like?


What if, instead of focusing on what you cannot fix, you decided to:

1/ Change what is within your control

2/ Learn from what you cannot change

3/ Change your perspective, from ‘it sucks’ and staying there for a long long time, to ‘where is the lesson’, ‘what do I need to know here’, ‘what can I do next?’

Client Case Study: Find your self-expression


Highly driven female solo-entrepreneur

  • Dedicates most of her time to the expansion of her already successful business.
  • Looking to integrate activities that bring tangible results.  She is very competitive and loves to challenge herself.

The result:

  • No place for anything else than the business feels conflicted and resentful.
  • Feels guilty of not spending quality time with partner and kids.

My coaching solutions:

  • identify what she likes
  • Prioritize
  • Allocate specific time-slots in her schedule for sports and other activities.
  • Ensure she did something different every day.

The result:

  • worked with her own schedule, between clients and deliverables, made time for what she liked, and let go of time wasters.

How can you apply these principles to your own schedule?.

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