Time is of the essence

March 11, 2020

Rate your state of mind today from 0 to 5

Monday is the perfect day to ask this question.

Because if you have nothing to get excited by or nothing to look forward to, then perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate what and why you are doing what you are doing.


So from 0 to 5, how elated are you with the new week?


What is holding you back?

Meaning, what is blocking you from asking yourself your right questions?

What needs to happen for you to take an honest look at what’s not working for you anymore?




Time is of the essence

It’s never too late and it’s never too early to [start a new project, learn something new…]


It may be too late when you haven’t taken any action because your fear keeps telling you ‘you’re not ready’.

And it may be too early when your emotions are making you act on an impulse vs logically and emotionally detached.

Know thyself so you can choose your timing wisely!

Client Case Study: No Boundaries

Female Senior Executive in her mid 40s

  • Has a senior job and 2 young children
  • Wants to excel at her job and to be a good parent


  • Accepts all clients’ dinners and networking events
  • Volunteers for PTA and other school events
  • Depleted, tired, always running

My coaching solutions

  • Be strategic what you are saying “no” to
  • Make your “yes”s count


  • Quality over quantity, at work, at home, outside
  • More fulfilled

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