The art of dealing with criticism – Part 2: strategies

April 26, 2019

“Better criticized than ignored”. – attributed to Count Alex Oxenstiern. Food for thoughts…

As soon as you start standing out, criticism will happen. Hate the person forever, or adopt some simple strategies?.




Take a break, remove yourself mentally or physically (if you can) from the situation for a few seconds, the time for a deep breath, to calm and collect brain and thoughts.



What’s in it for you?, aka, eyes on your own prize. What are you trying to achieve? Is this a valid or valuable feedback for you? Can you use the advice in order to make things better?.




Know thyself i.e. what pushes your buttons (and why) – reflect after the facts. Are you dissatisfied with the quality of your work? Or is it another form of perfectionism? Could you have done more? If so, what?.
A good time to also examine those issues of self-confidence and standing up for yourself.



Master the art of adult communication – along the lines of not taking anything personally. Take the emotions out, stay professional, logical, and develop a clear argumentation. Remember one thing: the person who loses their cool (when it’s not necessary) always ends up losing the game.



And if it’s time for you to change some of your unhelpful behaviors, contact me at and let’s discuss how to get you from reactive to responsive.