Persistence and stubbornness

February 21, 2019

Know the difference when you need persistence and when you are being stubborn.


Stubbornness is akin to the insanity that makes you do the same thing on and on and expects different results.



It’s a rooted form of resistance to change.


It’s also another form of closing oneself to receiving guidance and wisdom from the outside world, and ultimately sabotaging one’s efforts.


It’s being stuck in a repetitive pattern of “no, can’t do” attitude and complaining that no one understands you.



Persistence is a form of resilience. It comes from a deep, inner knowing that there is something more to it.


Persistence considers options, alternatives, listening and trusting other people’s opinions; and take the elements that will lead to the desired goals.


Stubbornness is heavy and stagnant. Persistence is light and inspired.


Look at where you are being stubborn and where you choose to be persistent because you know there is something in it for you.