Our personal integrity

May 27, 2020

Our personal integrity

Do you always show up for what you stand for?

Crises can be the time to go back to what is really important for you.⁣

  • What are your values?⁣
  • What are your standards?⁣
  • How can you embody these values today?⁣

This is what resilience and grit are about. ⁣


Where are you settling for less?


And as important, what are avoiding by not claiming what should be rightfully yours?

[hint: people-pleasing, avoiding conflict, fear of judgment, fear of rejection, looking for validation, what else?]


Sowing the seeds


Let’s start by the most obvious:  do you know what you want?

Be crystal clear about what you really desire and why.

Then start by planting those seeds.



What is getting in the way?


How many times do you say “later” when you know deep down you mean “now”?.

And the “I should really do it” becomes “I should have done it” – delays, regrets and guilt (and missed opportunities).

Motivation is one half the battle.

What can also get in the way of reaching a goal is our own unconscious behavior.

Are you seeing yourself dragging your feet and feeling bad about it?

Contact me at mayda@maydapoccoaching.com.  I have the experience, the training and the tools to help you make of your unconscious mind your best ally.


Renew your vows to yourself


It’s easy to have regrets, to feel bad about past decisions, to decide we could have done better.

Fact is, we all do what we can.

Other fact, when you change perspective, your perception of past events and current situations changes too.

Renew your vows … to yourself, to your dreams; honor your experience and your career.

Learn how to monetize your skills, continue learning and broadening your horizons.

Commit to yourself to do something good for yourself at least once a day.