On building trust

April 29, 2019

Trust is earned. You’ve heard that before. It takes some work and time to get people around you to trust you, whether they are clients or customers, colleagues at work, or new acquaintances.

Some pointers:



Show goodwill from the beginning – as a client yourself, how would you like a good customer service to operate? Can you apply these qualities to your work?.



Deliver on what you promise – straightforward. No over-promising / under-delivering. No-one will ever believe you after that. Good communication is also knowing when and how to renegotiate a commitment, deadlines and deliverables.



Be consistent and show you walk your talk – yeah. The one-off thing will give you a one-off thank you. Repeating clients are what makes a business viable.
Be the go-to person in your company as the expert in what you do.
Return favors and acknowledge other people’s expertise too.



Watch who you ally with – stay away from the all-is-bleak-and-bad people.
The all-negative complaining is very contagious.
You don’t want to be associated with nay-sayers, but with problem-solvers and people who genuinely want the Company to succeed for everyone’s benefit.



And a last word, be genuine in your dealings with others. When possible, favor collaboration and co-creation. You don’t have to like everyone, but you can stay professional and respect their work.


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