More play in crazy busy life? how-to

April 28, 2019

Yesterday’s post was about bringing more fun into what you do every day: a client’s example, a driven solo-entrepreneur who dedicates most of her time to the expansion of her already successful business.



Early on in our work together, she identified that she liked activities that bring tangible results. She is very competitive and loves to challenge herself.
What can she do more of? how can she insert more of what she likes into her crazy busy schedule?


She allocated specific time-slots in her schedule for sports and other activities, ensured she did something different every day and traveling away every few weeks, with kids and partner.



Feasible? yes, Because she was very clear on what she was looking for, i.e. the thrill, the variety and the challenge. She worked with her own schedule, between clients and deliverables, made time for what she liked and let go of time wasters.


How can you apply these principles to your own schedule?.


P.S.: the drawing is by my friend Brigitte, another hard-working, uber-driven professional who expresses her limitless creativity with aquarelles