Know your priorities!

July 22, 2020

Know your priorities!


This week, I invite you to take a step back and observe where your loyalty lies.

Let’s start by how you use your resources, your mental and physical energy during the day.

Here are some questions as an appetizer:

  • How do you use your time during the day?
  • Are you satisfied / do you feel accomplished at the end of the day?
  • What are your favorite time wasters?
  • Do you create enough boundaries?

P.S: boundaries include not thinking about work when you have closed your emails / computer / zoom meetings



Is your loyalty to the job hindering your personal growth?


From the look of it, we will be soon in our 6th month of pandemic working from home.

More freedom and less formalities in dealing with associates and clients.

Or / and less boundaries between work and personal life.  More stress with multi-tasking and homeschooling and getting it all done?

  • How do you feel about your job right now?
  • Do your current assignments allow you to feel positively challenged?
  • Are you waiting the pandemic out?  Or actively hoping for a change in the coming months / years?



Your job and you, a match made in heaven?


How many hours a day / a week are dedicated to your work? (This includes the mental chatter too!).

You are not married to the job, yet does it sometimes feel like it’s your most important relationship?

And like for any relationship, it requires some fine-tuning every now and then.

Here are your today’s questions:

  • How are you and your job getting along?
  • Is this a union of equal exchange?
  • Do you feel supported, encouraged or does your job leave you depleted?

Examine your values and how congruent they are with the work you do.

  • What concessions are you making?
  • Are you making them to stay safe, because they are a means to an end?
  • or because you want to avoid a difficult conversation?

At what point does your loyalty to your job, your managers, your team become too big of a price to pay?

Are you ready for that conversation?



Observe, question and decide


If you were already questioning your job during times of expansion, how would you feel about it in times of recession and uncertainty?

This is the case of one of my clients.

Before the global crisis, she was already unconvinced that her job was the one for her.

As the crisis hit, she decided to take action and revisit her career choices.

Client case study:  I have been doubting my job for a while… and now… this…

Female Executive in her mid-30s

    Has had a seamless career so far

    Feels she is not progressing and is hitting all sorts of glass ceilings;

    Maybe it’s not the right job for me?

And now feels stuck because of the global crisis

The result:

    Overthinking everything

    Procrastinating and getting behind on her deliverables

    Doubting herself constantly

My coaching solutions:

    Do her own and her job’s SWOT analysis

    Focus on how her current job is supporting her personal career goal

The result:

    ‘I realized today that my current work is aligned with me’

Getting clarity.  This is the starting point of any form of action.  Know why you are doing what you are doing and then decide whether this is right for you or not.

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