How do you think other people see you?

November 12, 2019

How do you think other people see you?

Today take some time to observe your behavior and how you think other people see you, at home, at work, and in between.

Is it aligned with how you see yourself?


How would you like other people to see you?


I am inviting you today to do some introspection.

What would you like other people to see in you?

What would you like them to say about you?

What can you do today to bridge the gap between what you want them to see and what they think you are?


Work on your personal brand


Why do you need to create your own signature? To distinguish yourself from the crowd.

Consider this: how many people have similar job titles and years of experience as you?

Even in your own firm?


I help my clients leveraging their skills and experience and make it to their own next level.

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Client Case Study: I don’t know how to market myself


Female Senior Banker in her mid-30s

  • Has held the same position for more than a decade
  • Feels has outgrown the job
  • ‘I don’t see a way out’

The result:

  • Bored, demotivated, and more bored
  • Cannot hold a conversation with her boss without being emotional, angry and resentful

My coaching solutions:

  • Find your personal and professional signature
  • Create a story around your skills and your experience
  • Learn to manage your emotions

The result:

  • Offered several positions internally and from outside firms

Contact me at for a free consultation.


Find your own sum of parts


Tell me more about yourself!  Do you feel a slight panic overcoming your body when the opening question in an interview starts like that?

It’s never too late or too early to get ready for this one.  Here is a simple step by step way to start.  I call this process how to find your own sum of parts and it starts like this

– step 1: list your experience, all of it, your internships and volunteering work included

– step 2: then now what skills have you learned from those experiences

– step 3: now it’s introspection time! What are your personal qualities

– steps 4/5/6: fill in your own blanks

Your own sum of parts can be any given combination of the above, as required by the circumstances.

Fill in the lists below, let it simmer for a while, come back to it, fill in more.  And remember to adapt that list and the story that goes with it to the job you are applying for!