How do you measure your success?

January 15, 2020

What does being successful mean to you?


This week, I invite you to list all the ways you see success in others and yourself.


What do you admire (or envy) in others?

Take some time today to observe people you admire and those you envy.

What are the recurring themes?

Decide who your role models are


Who embodies success for you?

Look around you and select a handful of entrepreneurs, public figures, people in your family and in your own Company.

  • What did they do to get where they are now?
  • What part(s) of their path can you model?


Client Case Study:  I cannot relate to anyone


Female Senior Banker

  • Highly successful academically
  • The first one in her family to have higher education and an executive job


The result:

  • Doesn’t feel she deserves a place at the ‘senior’ table
  • Self-sabotages her chances out of fear of not being ‘appropriate’


My coaching solutions:

  • Deservingness has nothing to do with your family of origin
  • Find your own way to speak ‘management’ language


The result:

  • Has created her own ways to step up and build more self-confidence
  • Networks with people that she felt were inaccessible to her


For every situation you face, there will be multiple ways to your own solution.

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How to create a new habit?


Yes, yes, you heard it, so many times! You need to let go of the old unhelpful habits and choose ones that serve you.

OK, got it!  But you have tried once or twice, and then life happens, and well, you don’t know how to get back on the wagon.


Let’s start by the beginning.  It’s not you! Not entirely your fault, let’s say… the problem is in the habit you are trying to install.   


We humans, don’t like change.  And our brains are wired to make us avoid anything that can feel dangerous, i.e., any unknown and unproven…so basically any change.

So any time you will force a massive change upon yourself, you will be setting up yourself for some inner conflict.

But there is a way around this.  Start by something small, and commit to doing it every day, or several days a week. This habit needs to be easily sustainable to you, something that you integrate within your schedule without having to carve out or push away too many things.

Let me give you an example:  you have been trying to exercise. 


If you decide you want to incorporate an hour a day to go to the gym, chances are, you will do it once or twice and very quickly, there will be a meeting here, a call there and …you know what happens next. 

But if you decide to walk for 30 minutes several days a week, for example, you can find ways to integrate this walk, on your way to the office, during your lunchtime break or during the weekend.

And from there, as you will start seeing the benefits, you will not need to push yourself to feel motivated, your body will be asking for the walk, and you will be able to find ways to break these 30 mins into little pieces.


All it takes is to commit to yourself to do it, as many times as possible.

Your turn!  How do you make yourself accountable when It comes to installing a new habit?