Finding your purpose in life

January 20, 2020

When was the last time any action you took seemed flowy?


This week I invite you to examine your own process.

What areas in your life seem to be going reasonably well for you without you needing to overthink them or plowing through?

What happens when you push to make it happen?


  • At which point do you feel pushy?
  • What is the cost on your self-esteem, your relationships, your body and your wellbeing?

Do you know why you do what you’re doing?


Any time you find yourself trying too hard, plowing, enforcing, you distance yourself from what brings you contentment and fulfillment.

Actions become obligations, ‘must do’s, otherwise…’, and a downright pain in the neck.

Observe what happens then to your motivation.

How can you bring yourself back to alignment with your ‘why I do what I do’.


Client Case Study:  I cannot be bothered anymore


Female Entrepreneur in Digital Marketing


  • Has created her own consulting firm several years ago
  • Experiencing a plateau in her activity and feeling bored overall

The result:

  • Demotivated, procrastinates and falling behind schedule
  • Losing clients and being passed up for more innovative teams

My coaching solutions:

  • Tap into your creativity on a daily basis
  • Find your next challenge

The result:

  • Back to the drawing board and refreshed her vision
  • Created new innovative offerings


If like my client above, you are experiencing boredom on the job, it’s time to reconsider what you are doing.  Contact me at for a free clarity consultation.


Growth happens in the in-between moments.


You feel bored

You cannot be bothered

You feel demotivated

I want out!!

Yes, you can do that.

But you can also see things from a different angle!

When we start something new, we feel driven by the motivation of the learning curve and by the fear of not getting it right.

And as time passes, we have learned enough and have gained enough experience to be able to do our jobs with our eyes closed.

Then this happens…we plateau, we feel bored and we want to find any way to escape a situation that we find dull and where we don’t feel challenged.

What if you take that time as a break in the hecticness and as a gift to allow you to reap the benefits of your efforts so that you can start exploring something new with the safety net of your past accomplishments?

So if indeed you are right now in a situation at work where things are so-so, work on what you would like your next steps to be and what you can do to get there.  It can be new learnings, new connections, new projects, anything that can help you build on the foundation of where you are right now.

Tell me, what do you do when you feel unexcited about your job?