Explore the many aspects of happy⁣

October 11, 2019

What will make your day today?

First day of the workweek… what will you focus on?


It’s always easier to focus on the frustration, the built-up stress and the issues.


Today, pay also attention to the little unassuming signs and gestures that will bring you a smile.


Make a mental note of those.  


Commit to noticing them as many times as you can.



Explore the many aspects of happy


There is no size fits all, especially when it comes to making every day count, for YOU.


What would you like your days to look like?  


How do you want to feel when you leave your office?


Describe your ideal workday.  Where are the current gaps?  What can you do about it?



Your birthright is not the pursuit of happiness, but happiness itself


Yes, you can be content and satisfied at work, even if it is not your ‘dream’ job.


What matters is your commitment to identify what is causing you your dissatisfaction, and to act on it in a way that is kind to you and others.



Client Case study – When nothing is working anymore


Male Investment Banker in his late 40s


  • Laid off from a senior position more than a year before
  • Has interviews but not getting anywhere
  • Feeling there is no way out of the situation

The result: 


  • Feeling overwhelmed, stressed and hopeless
  • Questioning his career choices 
  • Having difficulty communicating with his family

My coaching solutions: 


  • Identify his conflicts
  • Identify his values
  • Work on bridging the gaps

The result: 


  • Checked off all the goals he set for himself at the beginning of the coaching program. 

Contact me at mayda@maydapoccoaching.com for a free consultation. 



Today’s tip: From grumpy to happy


Do you know you don’t need to stay grumpy if you don’t want to?  Follow this exercise, and do it as many times as needed.  Let me know how it goes for you!



Close your eyes and think about the word content, satisfied, happy. 

Think about past times when you were happy and bring that feeling into your body. 


The sensations, the emotions, the feelings, maybe a smile on your face.  Let every aspect of happy permeate every one of your cells, from the top of your head to the sole of your feet. 


Now feel the happy running throughout your body with every breath you take. 


Allow yourself as much time as you can to experience the state of happy. 


Does it have a symbol, an image or a word associated with it?  In your mind’s eye, in your imagination, associate the state and the image.  


Print a picture or write the word on a post-it,


Train yourself to bring the happy state up any time you need it simply by  focusing on the symbol