Excuses vs Explanation

June 26, 2020

Excuses vs Explanation

Name one important thing to you that you were planning to do last week and didn’t.

  • What was holding you back?
  • Can you commit this week to get the missing resource and honor that commitment to yourself?
  • How?

P.S.: if this action was not that important to you, didn’t sit well with you, was not aligned with your values, it’s normal that you couldn’t commit to it.

[go back to your list again and brainstorm why it was there in the first place]


When change = fear, what are you afraid of losing?


What are you losing already when not allowing that change?

What are you not gaining in staying at a standstill?

What can you do today to prepare for your next chapter?



Do you plan for a smooth change or do you strive to avoid it?


Because as you know, change is inevitable.

We can hate it, we can fight against it, but it will not wait for us to be ‘ready’.

Do you prefer to jump or to be pushed?

Do you need a crisis in your Company, in the market, in your sector, to take action?

Or are you ready to be ready for when / if?


What does your path of least resistance look like?


What if, today, you started seeing that,

  • Yes, you can have what you have been working for
  • Yes, you can be promoted
  • Yes, you can negotiate certain working conditions
  • Yes, you can change job
  • Yes, you can transition into something different

How does that sound to you?

What are your ‘yes, but’?

What alternatives can you find to the above objections?



From ‘yes, but’ to ‘yes, and’


Your brain likes to see the negative first.  That’s its job.

How can you turn its protective side into your best creative ally?

  • From ‘yes, but’ there are obstacles ….
  • to ‘yes, and’ there are obstacles that 1/ I have faced before, 2/ I can learn from?

What to do when brain continues playing ‘devil’s advocate’ and keeping you stuck?

Work with it, not against it!

Contact me at mayda@maydapoccoaching.com to learn more about how I have been using hypnosis, NLP, archetypal work, and many other tools to help my clients overcome self-sabotaging behaviors, and reach beyond what they thought was possible.


Client case study: ‘I am stuck’


Transition times are never easy.  At any age.

When G. came to me, she was desperate.

Her company was just taken over, her position was threatened, and she had been given ‘the opportunity to shine’ with new objectives that were just unattainable given the current environment.

She knew her job was at stake, she had a mortgage; and felt, at 34, ‘too old’ to start a new career.

In the current environment, she tried, she couldn’t get even one interview.

Read on…


Female Marketing Executive in her mid-30s

  • Has been in the same job, different industries, since college
  • In a company going through heavy managerial changes
  • Has been asked to ‘reinvent’ herself or …


The result:

  • Panicky and in a state of urgency
  • Has been frantically sending resumes with zero response


My coaching solutions:

  • Personal branding, online visibility, networking and …
  • A plan for her current job.


The result:

  • Continues her due diligence and her exploration.  Feels motivated, has hope and takes action
  • Has also been receiving stellar feedback from her ‘new’ management, and given new high-profile projects.


If you are at that time of transition in your career, whether imposed or you have that feeling, ‘uncertain’ times or nor, there are solutions.


Contact me for a free consultation,  I will explain my method, the tools and how I can help you where you are.