Change your daily narrative

September 23, 2019

How do you define your limits?


What is happening, when every interaction seem to end up a battle?


We long for more authenticity in our interactions with others; we look for mutually beneficial relationships, peaceful conflict resolutions and more win/win situations.


And yet, there are times when we find ourselves battling the whole world.


In which circumstances do you find yourself feeling unease? frustration? needing to defend yourself? to be right?


Time to check in with yourself and define your limits.


What is acceptable to you, what is non-negotiable and what you can change right now.


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Change your daily narrative


Was today another one of those when you wake up dreading the day ahead?


Reluctantly dragging yourself out of bed and scrambling to get everything done, the emails and the personal stuff, before rushing to catch your train or hopping into your car?


What goes on in your mind as you are approaching your workplace? 


What parts of your daily worklife are you looking forward to? what are you dreading?


Time to start changing that narrative? Head to my free “guide to your serenity at work” for tips to make your days several notches better. 



Not everything is a competition!


One person’s comfort zone is another’s business as usual


What could be easy for some is a mountain to climb for others.  


We each have our own path to learning and growing.  


Take the time you need for yours.  Allow others the same.


Client Case Study: Find your self-expression


Highly driven female solo-entrepreneur 


  • Dedicates most of her time to the expansion of her already successful business.
  • Looking to integrate activities that bring tangible results.  She is very competitive and loves to challenge herself.


The result: 

  • No place for anything else than the business, feels conflicted and resentful.
  • Feels guilty of not spending quality time with partner and kids.


My coaching solutions: 

  • identify what she likes
  • Prioritize
  • Allocate specific time-slots in her schedule for sports and other activities.
  • Ensured she did something different every day and traveling away every few weeks, with kids and partner in tow.


The result: 

  • worked with her own schedule, between clients and deliverables, made time for what she liked and let go of time wasters.


How can you apply these principles to your own schedule?.


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Today’s tip: Find your own version of creativity


Not a long time ago, when we started working together, one of my clients was considering changing career in order to honor her artistic side. 


A quick discussion and it turned out she was equating artistic and creative.  It’s not the case. 


We all have a creative side, what we need to find is a personal way to express it.


So today’s tip is about observing that creative side of you, how it gets expressed currently and how you can do more of it.


I will give you some examples; do you like cooking? .  I like designing powerpoints, and creating different outfits every day.  Perhaps for you, it’s finding solutions?


What do you like about it? 


Make a list and see how you can bring your creativity at work and outside.