Bring more play into your life

April 27, 2019

Heard from a client who was interviewing candidates: “I asked that person why they didn’t put any hobbies in their resume, they told me they didn’t have any, they spend most of their time working”.

Showing off or true. In both cases it’s sad.



While we cannot always quit our jobs to “make a living off our passion”, we can, however, diversify our centers of interest outside the workplace.

Imagine your ideal day off: what would you be doing (that is not a (chore!)? Who would be connecting with? where?.

Make a list of those activities and hobbies. What qualities, feelings, emotions do they bring you? Creativity, openness, connection, what else?.



Now think about ways you can bring more of those into your daily life.



How can you add more creativity, more connections every day?. Start with the most obvious way and build on it.



Time to take some distance from the “work” week/weekends of fun mentality, and to bring a more constant flow of contentment in all areas of our lives.