Be open to be surprised

February 25, 2019

How open are you to be surprised?.

We grow up and learn to favor the known over the unknown and the predictable over the so-called “act of god”.

Routines are part of our discipline, we take the same route, the same breakfast, read similar books, go through the same processes at work.

But what are we missing, by always erring on the cautious side?.

When we live in a world where everything is calculated and weighted, our life becomes a series of slots in a schedule. We go from one task to the next, from home to work and back again, and we call it our daily grind.

At what time does it become boring? unfulfilling? dissatisfying?. For some, it is a mid-life crisis, for others, a wake-up call; or we can simply call it becoming more conscious of our deepest desires.

When we leave space in our lives for more unknown, we give ourselves permission to notice the unusual, to stretch our knowledge comfort zone, to expand our horizons. And soon enough, what felt like a rut can become a gateway to something new and pleasant, heck, joyful even!.

The condition? be open to be surprised!