Are you giving your 100%?

January 27, 2020

Are you giving your 100%?

Examine the areas in your life where you don’t give your full attention.

Which are they?

What is preventing you from being fully committed?


Where are you stalling?


What we don’t give our full attention to becomes by fact a lower priority.

Is that intentional or are you being distracted elsewhere?


Do you have your priorities right?


And if not, what can you do to change?


Client Case Study: No Boundaries


Female Senior Executive in her mid-40s

  • Has a senior job and 2 young children
  • Wants to excel at her job and to be a good parent


  • Accepts all clients’ dinners and networking events
  • Volunteers for PTA and other school events
  • Depleted, tired, always running

My coaching solutions

  • Be strategic what you are saying “no” to
  • Make your “yes”s count


  • Quality over quantity, at work, at home, outside
  • More fulfilled

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No mas operating from a fixed mindset


Are you fixated on reaching your goals and objectives and get frustrated when you don’t?

Or do you always question when things come too easily to you?

It’s about time to change the mentality of results first, to allow more self-growth in what you do.


When we focus on achieving something no matter what, we find ourselves running like chicken without a head, only focused on that prize and forgoing all the rest.

Well, it’s in that said rest that the important events happen.

It’s called your process.  It’s called how you learn from what works for you and how you implement the feedback from didn’t work.

Because at the end of the day, when you are in that so-called fixed mindset, what matters is a result.  When in reality what should matter is what you are learning about yourself, that you can then put in your life toolbox.

So today’s challenge is to start seeing events and challenges as a teacher.  A teacher at the school of know thyself.

Revert back with your observations!