Recession-Proof Your Life - Group Coaching

Another recession and layoffs looming, contraction, inflation, stock markets crash…

Not again, say your body and your head. 

We are barely emerging from the effects of the pandemic and now we may be getting hit with another layer of gloom and doom.

Recessions happen. And it’s by far not our first rodeo.


  • Do you want to wake up every morning dreading the day?
  • Or feeling excited about what it may have in prospect for you?
  • Do you want to feel you are growing and evolving in your life and in your career, despite the downturns?
  • Gain a sense of control, inner peace, and calmness, despite the noise outside?
  • Gain clarity and acquire tools to help you move forward – recession and expansion alike?

What if this time, instead of letting your apprehension of another downturn take control and dictate your next move, you decided to see it as an opportunity to change what needs to, and live your life, on your own terms (and I am adding, once for all!).

A 3-month group coaching program to help you set your terms


When the job title, the bank account, the social status have become the major part of our identity, anything that can threaten to take it away can send us into the mental looping of ‘what if’.


It can be if we have been living on the premises of ‘tomorrow doesn’t matter’.

But most times than not, ‘what if’ creates a mental construct where our brain, and our decisions, only focus on the fear of a potential loss, and on conservation rather than also on expansion and growth.

Results?  the anticipation of the next shoe makes us dread the next day, our confirmation bias paints a gloomy picture of the future, doubling on the pressure we put on ourselves – while potentially missing on those possibilities and opportunities in front of us.

    3 months of group coaching to get you back in charge of your life, your career and your decisions


    Back for the new year 2023, and for 3 months, during our bi-monthly calls, you will learn:

    • How to operate from your core, authentic self despite the noise outside
    • To plan for your next steps, in your career, and in your life
    • How to manage stress -and other mind-looping, imposter syndrome, overthinking – while working on your goals
    • To identify what is holding you back and how to overcome those limitations
    • To become more comfortable with the uncertainty and the unknown, so that you develop strategies to adapt and advance
    • To live the life you want, flourish in your relationships, and continue on your career path up

    The Works:

    • 6 group coaching calls, a combination of life coaching, career coaching and hypnosis
    • One-hour individual one-on-one call with me
    • Recordings of each group call
    • Recordings of each hypnosis/meditation
    • An ebook companion workbook
    • Support in between calls
    • Within a curated group of peers
    • Second edition is back for the new year 2023

    The Structure:

    • Month 1: Reconnecting with your authentic Self 
      • reconnect with your deepest longings; set your goals for the year and beyond
      • audit your career and your life
      • learn the art of letting go of the toxic
    • Month 2: Working with your Uniqueness 
      • identify your zone of genius
      • your strengths and weaknesses
      • how to work with (not against) your self-sabotaging behaviors
    • Month 3: Living a Purposeful Life
      • integrating the different parts of you
      • reconnect with your mission and your purpose
      • your personal mission statement

    Each of our 60-minute, 6 group calls will include tips and tools, coaching exercises, Q&As and a meditation/hypnosis.


    What will happen after?

    You will:

    • Gain a deeper sense of your identity and your purpose
    • Have better clarity about where your next move will be
    • Know your zone of genius
    • Understand your areas of self-sabotage
    • Develop healthier habits and better boundaries
    • Learn how to be a step ahead, recession or not.

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    Time to stop living on autopilot, no more letting ancient, old and obsolete programming run your life.  Time to own your genius and let it take the lead  –  contact me here for a free consultation.

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