Mayda Poc – Career Strategist

Because you deserve a fulfilling life, with the job, the title, and the pay to match

Mayda Poc – Career Strategist

Because you deserve a fulfilling life, with the job, the title, and the pay to match

Is your current job meeting your expectations?

There is more to a job than a list of tasks.

Your job is a reflection of your potential and the vehicle for the impact you want to have on the world around you.

Is your current career path aligned with your expectations, ambitions, your wants, and needs?

Do you feel fulfilled, achieved, energized and positively challenged where you are?

Is it time to take your Leadership presence several notches up?

As a Career Strategist and Executive Coach with 16 years in Investment Banking, having worked with executives, CMOs, and Team Leaders of all levels since 2016, I know first-hand that:

  1. a job has more to it than only a paycheck,
  2. a career is not a series of random events,
  3. that a title matters,
  4. that each of us has a Leadership potential that has been largely untapped because of no time, urgent tasks that cannot wait… and
  5. that ultimately what matters is to feel impactful, to find balance and purpose in both the career and outside.

Is it time for you to take that first step?  Let’s chat! You can schedule a 30 minute free consultation here, or contact me here for more information.


Clients Successes

What to expect from coaching? upleveling your Leadership skills, becoming a better communicator, going outside your comfort zone, finding your inner zen not matter the noise outside, calming your nervous system despite, and more

A sample of clients’ successes:

  • New job – M.D. and Head of in a bulge bracket financial institution, with a 2 digit total comp increase
  • Promoted to Team Lead in a major Forbes 500 Company
  • Promotion to V.P., C Suite, Principals, Partners and CMO titles
  • Career pivots from consulting to bulge bracket tech with more than double the total comp
  • Careers pivots in Finance from sales/trading to banking, PE, buy-side
  • Upgrade from mid-level to bulge bracket Investment Bank
  • Be featured in 40 under 40 lists
  • and even …. be published in Vogue USA

If you are looking to upgrade your job, your title, your pay and your Leadership skills – while acquiring a better sense of Self, finding your own version of balance, contact me here or book a free consultation

[and as always, small prints, everyone’s results will be different … ]



As a career strategist, I offer a range of coaching services from career, leadership and executive coaching and consulting, to life coaching .




C.O., Senior Wall Street Investment Banker

“Working with Mayda Poc enabled me to re-frame my professional history and accomplishments in a way that inspired me to have difficult conversations with senior management about compensation and promotion.”

“Thanks to Mayda I was promoted to Director within one year of working with her.”

“I highly recommend her as a career coach to anyone that requires objective, no nonsense strategies to getting to the next level or changing careers.”

A.M., CMO Tech Startup

“I feel much more confident in my ability to make strategic decisions, focus on the work that only I can do, and lead my teams towards success.”

“Within just weeks of working together I was able to achieve a level of work/life balance that I didn’t know was possible.”

“I have already recommended Mayda to several peers and will continue to do the same!”

A.A., Senior Executive in the Music Industry

“Over the course of our conversations, Mayda helped me rediscover the things that energize me in my career and refocus my intentions and actions around them.”

“She also guided me through challenging moments, listening closely, reading between the lines, and leading me to unearth solutions for myself with expert finesse.”

“I learned a lot from Mayda, and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel better about their careers and lives!”

Y.L., UX Researcher

“Mayda has helped me resolve some deep-seated insecurities, leading to an openness in me that embraces bigger risks and greater growth as a result.”

“In addition, she helped me gain clarity on my values and strengths, and guided me in approaching various work challenges from a place of integrity, honoring both mine and others’ needs.”

“I feel empowered and confident to face whatever the future brings, because I now have the tools for acting with power and feeling centered in my actions.”

N.W., Senior Partner, Consultant and Researcher

“Mayda is a terrific career coach.  Her ability to listen deeply and challenge candidly from a broad base of experience translates to break-through moments of the highest magnitude.”

“A true architect of insight, I highly recommend Mayda and her inventive approach to coaching conversations.”

L.P. - Outsourced Chief Investment Officer, NYC/Toronto

“Mayda is a very important part of the process of moving forward, providing the diversity of thought we need and working through significant disruptions in both personal and professional life.”

“At first, you will be surprised at how well she sorts through the noise and understands who you are, helping you develop a plan and build confidence toward achieving your goal.”

“Whatever it is – promotion, new job, writing a book, gaining clarity and a sense of direction, I can’t imagine not working without Mayda.”

M.F. - UX Designer, SF

“Mayda was able to provide a safe space for me to come with many questions and tangled ideas, while helping me drive clarity, form a path forward and execute on it.”

“She is a great listener and deeply empathetic, helping challenge yourself while aligning to a greater vision.”

“I would recommend working with her if you are looking to gain clarity around your career progression, changes, leadership and more.

J.C. - Senior IT Manager

“With her extensive background in the corporate world, she can relate to the challenges that I face, but she goes beyond that by offering guidance that incorporates my individuality with her valuable perspectives.”

“She is understanding, empathetic, and gets results.”

“Overall, I highly recommend Mayda as a career coach to anyone seeking expert guidance and support; she has been an invaluable asset to me, and I am confident that she will make a positive impact on anyone who works with her.”

Dr.A.D. - Senior Lecturer at a London University, UK

“Her intuitive, surefooted coaching reflects a developed ability to translate and apply her vast knowledge and experience of executive leadership across organisations, sectors and cultural contexts.”

“Working at fully my own pace, she encouraged to achieve my goals by going with the flow and to plan my next steps by tuning into my intellect, body and intuition to understand the roots of my challenges.”

“Her support has helped me navigate a particularly sticky stage in my career between early career academic and strategic leader.”

H.J.R. - Project Manager & Content Developer, Philippines

“A short talk with her allowed me to define things and gain more clarity on the whole situation.”

“She expanded my perspective which gave me the confidence and mindset I needed to do better at my job and to look forward to a more fruitful career.”

“Talking to Mayda was like talking to a friend I didn’t know I had.”

M.G. - Managing Director - Investment Banking

“Throughout our sessions, Mayda helped me uncover my innate qualities and use them to open new opportunities for myself.”

“She encouraged me to stand in my worth. I asked for what felt impossible, and doors and yes’s started opening for me, getting me closer to achieving even my loftiest goals.”

“Working with Mayda has helped me elevate my dreams and goals to a whole new level… and make them a reality.”

N.W. - Senior Director - Fintech/Investment Banking

“Mayda  helped me create that ground where possible and train my nervous system to tolerate groundlessness where it wasn’t possible to pin things down.”

“She encouraged me to see how every situation is nuanced and ripe with opportunity despite the seeming odds.”

“She helped me discover pockets of freedom and joy in what seemed like highly limiting situations, making working with Mayda so much more than just career advice.”

S.S., Senior Director of E-Com

“Within my first session with Mayda I felt more centered again, allowing time to reflect finally.”

“Through our sessions, Mayda coached me in a direct, no BS, manner but also open and receptive to what I was telling her.”

“Thank you Mayda for supporting me through this chaotic period!”

K.L., Senior Strategy & Corporate Development Manager

“In the coaching sessions, she helped me to identify those aspects in my work that are especially important to me as well as energize and drive me.”

“Throughout the process she challenged some of my assumptions and helped me to reveal underlying thoughts and conflicts, I had not recognized before.”

“During the coaching, Mayda showed great empathy and a very valuable scope of experience to guide me.”

S.C., Entrepreneur

“Mayda is direct, inspiring and encouraging, but not coddling; she gets right to the point and does not mince words!”

“She is supportive in what YOU, the client is seeking, and has a ‘knowing’ that is so on target!”

“At the end of our session, I felt like Mayda had heard me, listened to me, and assimilated all that information into that which was most needed for me to move forward.”

A.C., Creative Strategist, Product Incubator

“Mayda challenged me to answer the tough questions, surface my deepest desires, and re-establish my core values, helping me uproot mental blocks and anxiety.”

“Her process empowered me to prioritize myself when taking action to reshape my reality, preparing for fulfilling opportunities, manifesting a career pivot, and expecting abundance!”

“Mayda’s steadfast kindness and direct, yet supportive approach made me feel seen, heard, and pushed to show up at a new level, exercising immense EQ and flexibility along the way.”

P.C., Senior Wall Street Banker

“I felt identified with the feelings, internal obstacles, and situations that Mayda described in her presentation, just like if she were inside my mind!”

“I was mostly impressed by her actionable step-by-step plan to break the career plateau and move forward in my career.”

“Mayda’s career advice resonates in me every time I have a work interview or job change decision, and even helped me improve my interaction with my boss!”

Y.L., Senior UX Researcher

“Mayda is a patient and perceptive listener, providing a safe space to explore deeply personal questions.”

“Her coaching helped me establish a strong foundation of self-understanding and self-love, then guided me through challenging situations with actionable tools.”

“At the end of my program with Mayda, I feel both at peace with the path I’ve taken and empowered to embrace future challenges down the road.”

S.B., New York - Associate Global Marketing - Luxury Goods

“Mayda is truly a master of her craft, intelligent, professional, thoughtful, incredibly perceptive, and most of all empowering.”

“She challenged me to dive deep, become more in tune with myself and my values, and equipped me with the right professional tools to stand out from the competition.”

“I will forever value the impact she made on my life and career, helping me make a successful career change.”

U.B., Head of Sales in a Financial Institution, NY

“I had the pleasure of working with Mayda and found her guidance and approach to coaching to be extremely supportive and encouraging.”

“Her commitment to your progress is incomparable and she is always available to work through anything.”

“Mayda’s coaching made a significant impact on my professional growth as the Head of Sales in a financial institution.”

R.J., Director of Engineering, London

“I needed time to reflect on my career and tools for growth, and Mayda came highly recommended by a successful colleague.”

“Mayda’s unique holistic approach of working on both life and career aspects helped me navigate hectic times throughout the pandemic and our return to the office.”

“Working with Mayda has been a valuable experience, as her coaching has positively impacted my career as a Director of Engineering.”

J.V., New York, NY - Senior Bank Executive

“Mayda Poc’s unique combination of Wall Street experience and coaching provides valuable insight into real-world situations.”

“When facing personal challenges that depleted my energy, Mayda helped me restructure my priorities, create feasible solutions, and held me accountable while encouraging me to reach my potential.”

“Her guidance and belief in my capabilities left me empowered, and focused after each session, ultimately allowing me to overcome my hardships in a short period of time. I am grateful for Mayda’s timely entrance into my life and her transformative impact.”

A.B., New York - Associate Private Equity

“Working with Mayda led to transformative effects on my career in just a matter of weeks.”

“Mayda’s empowering approach helped me identify and act on my goals, which was crucial as I looked to pivot roles during the pandemic.”

“With invaluable experience and insights, Mayda’s intelligence, directness, and kindness make her an outstanding mentor.”

J.S., London – Partner Private Equity Firm

“Mayda exceeded my high expectations, having been recommended by a friend who had a positive career coaching experience.”

“Her special talent for understanding the business context allows her to help clients diagnose challenges and find solutions.”

“Mayda’s warm, empathetic, and direct approach is truly appreciated.”

L.D., New York - Paris - Associate Marketing Manager

“I absolutely loved working with Mayda!,  she is professional, effective, flexible, empathetic yet never judgmental.”

“Mayda quickly understood what I needed, [and] helped me as I was going through a transitional period where I needed help refocusing and defining objectives professionally and personally.”

“I had the feeling that I was going to carry this experience and these learnings for a lifetime!”

N.T., New York – Senior Sales Manager

“Mayda is a gem. She is a professional who actually cares about you, your well-being, and your personal and professional goals”.

“She has an endearing and warm approach, but make no mistake, she is effective in her communication and provides the right amount of push you need to achieve success”.

“Her method has really worked for me and I find the same has happened to all of my friends who have signed on with Mayda”.

S.R., Massachusetts - Senior Editor

“Mayda released the block that was holding me back from growing my business”.

“Three sessions with Mayda was all it took for me to feel excited and motivated again”.

“I’m grateful for Mayda’s help in unlocking my potential and moving forward with my business”.

J.L., New York, NY - Senior Publisher

“Mayda has a way of getting to the root of the problem in a very no-nonsense approach.”

“While others tend to spend way too much time digging up ancient history, Mayda gets right to the point in a very gentle and supportive way.”

“With her gentle approach, I was able to let my guard down in order to receive the guidance I was looking for.”

J.C., New York – V.P. of Planning and Business Development

“Mayda is one of a kind!”

“She challenged me to look at my life holistically to identify behavior and values that will create a happy life, professionally and personally.”

“Thanks for everything so far Mayda!”

L.F., New York, NY - Senior Marketing and Podcaster

“Mayda is the first and only life coach I will ever have. She is simply incredible.”

“Mayda has shown me that not only is she valuable, she’s a NECESSITY to my success.”

“Mayda is professional, courteous, flexible and never judgmental.”

F.G., London, Senior Auditor

“I am really grateful for joining Mayda’s coaching event where she shared a lot of advice to help prompt my thinking on life and career.”

“One of the valuable toolkits I learnt here is – visualization. Visualize the next step and take actions to address the gap.”

“Many thanks Mayda for your generous contribution and sharing of your life / career wisdom!”

W.R., Massachusetts - General Counsel

“Mayda’s no-nonsense approach and generous sharing of her amazing gift helped me through an awful time and enabled me to move forward with an open heart”.

“With Mayda’s support and guidance, I faced and overcame my struggles and challenges. I am forever grateful for all she has done for me”.

“Mayda’s ability to give advice without judgment is invaluable. I feel truly blessed to have had her as a coach and will always be grateful for her generosity and support”.

S.D., Massachusetts - Coach and Mentor

“Mayda helped me release the unconscious programming that was holding me back and find my life’s purpose.”

“I can now breathe fully and deeply into who I am thanks to Mayda’s hypnosis and coaching.”

“I highly recommend working with Mayda to unlock your potential and find your true path in life”.

C.B., New York, NY - Partner in a Major Law Firm

“I made it!!!! I have just been notified that I made partner in my law firm!.”

“I wanted to say a massive thank you for all your guidance, help and support over the last few months”.

“I was so close to giving up but you encouraged me to keep pushing, while thinking about possible Plan B. You are an amazing coach”.

D.G.L., New Jersey - Senior Wall Street Executive

“Working with a life coach like Mayda was a great gift that I gave myself, as ultimately, it gave me clarity on where I wanted to go and the tools to carry on with my projects.”

“Mayda took the time to listen and to put things in perspective.”

“I was anxious and unsure where my life was headed; I knew I needed guidance.”

W.P., New Mexico - Senior Consultant

“Mayda has led me through a series of mediations that have been extremely beneficial.”

“She has gently and with compassion allowed me the space to go deeper into myself and resolve and clear past inner conflicts and find my own way to healing.”

“I am thrilled with the results that I have experienced with Mayda and her hypnosis sessions and would strongly recommend her.”

K.B., Arizona - Senior Executive

“Through coaching and hypnosis, Mayda taught me how to regain control of my thoughts, how to manage stressful situations, and more importantly, how to make choices that are right for me.”

“These sessions with Mayda helped me regain confidence in myself and in my self worth.”

“I feel more relaxed about my future, and my days are much more enjoyable.”

C.G., New York - Senior Wall Street Executive

“I needed to find a way to feel more fulfilled, that wouldn’t involve a change in my career or in my personal life.”

“Through coaching and hypnosis, she helped me find what I was looking for; and it didn’t involve giving up anything or making a drastic change.”

“I now feel more empowered and more in control of the direction of my life.”

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