No More Playing Small! Your pathway to conscious empowerment -Group Coaching June 2022

Why is it so difficult to say no (or yes) and feel so bad about it?

  • You’re offered your ‘dream job’ offer, yet you see yourself finding all sorts of ‘reasonable’ reasons why to stay, do as told, shrink, and play small – when you know you owe it to yourself to rise and shine
  • You take that extra assignment with zero value add to your career, but you feel crippled with fear and guilt at the only idea of declining?
  • You are feeling pulled and pushed between the desire to enjoy life at its fullest on one hand; and the guilt of not facing your ‘obligations’ even when your body is begging for time off?

[hint: do you find yourself doing the same exact things in your relationships?]

The ‘culprit(s)? your four survival archetypes lurking behind many of these unhelpful behaviors.

An 8-week group coaching program to help you navigate life through your survival archetypes


Survival Archetypes, you said?

Indeed! 4 unconscious programmings that are constantly playing in the background of our life’s scripts. 


  • The ones that make us shy away from a big level up because ‘I am not good enough’ or ‘what will they think of me’
  • They indulge our procrastination ‘I’ll take care of my taxes later, I don’t feel like it right now’
  • They make us conflict-avoidant when this difficult conversation needs to happen, or else (we feel disrespected, taken advantage of, not heard…)
  • Each of us has our own version of those archetypes

Starting in June 2022 – 8 weeks of group coaching to get you back in charge of your life, your career and your decisions

In my new 8-week group coaching and mentoring program, you will learn more about:


  • The 4 survival archetypes that we all came in with
  • How they operate in your shadow and in your light
  • How to work with them, not against them
  • And how to overcome those limitations that are not allowing you to live the life you want, to flourish in your relationships, and get the raise and promotion that you deserve

In this 8-week container you will get:

  • A curated group of 3 attendees
  • 6 group coaching calls, a combination of coaching and hypnosis
  • A one-hour individual one on one call with me
  • Recordings of each group call
  • Recording of each hypnosis/meditation
  • Support in between calls

The structure

  • 4 group calls on Tuesdays 6pm EST in June
  • 2 group calls mid and end of July
  • A one on one call with me
  • A pdf booklet
  • A digital copy of Caroline Myss’s Sacred Contract

At the end of the course, you will be able to

  • Pinpoint the ‘why’ behind certain unhealthy behaviors
  • Learn how to not let them run your show
  • Be crystal clear about your personal code of integrity and where you will not sell out
  • Develop healthier habits and better boundaries

If you would like to hear more, contact me here.

I will be taking applications through June 1, 2022, for 3 participants only.

2022 is the year of no more living on autopilot, no more letting ancient, old and obsolete programming run your life.  Time to own your genius and let it take the lead  –  contact me here for a free consultation.

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