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Goals, new healthy habits, and other to-do lists.

We already have what it takes to create a healthy change.

But aiming too high, life happens, we cannot find the time, we are too tired, […] and we end up discouraged, ultimately giving up altogether because we will try again in a week, when the time is right.

The solution?  focus on changes that are easy and/or simple to follow, and that can be integrated within your hectic daily life, so they are sustainable.

What do you need?  

  • to make the commitment to yourself to do some of them, one at a time, with consistency and perseverance;
  • holding yourself accountable when you fall off the wagon,
  • using any “not feeling like it” as feedback to tweak the process and make it yours for the long run.
Enjoy these free resources!


Find your Serenity: A Daily Checklist

This is not another to-do list! Rather a prompt for you to decide how you want your day to be, and take small steps towards your daily goals.

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Find your Serenity: A Year of Appreciation

Have an attitude of gratitude, they said! OK, but what if you don’t feel grateful for anything in your life right now, what if you don’t know what you are supposed to be grateful for…

Then take a few minutes every day to write 3 things you liked during the day.  Rinse and repeat, as many weeks as you can.  The shift will happen!

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Guide to Hiring a Coach

That’s it! your decision is made.

You read all the self-development books you could, attended the workshops, did every self-assessment under the Sun…

And you are still not getting where you want to get.

It’s time to get a coach!

Before you jump at the first name that pops in your feed, take a look at this guide for some useful pointers!

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