Align your Career with your Highest Potential

What is living a life of purpose?

When it comes to the job, to our life, to our relationships

  • We want to matter
  • We want to make an impact
  • We want to be the agent of real change


  • To be aligned with our deepest and highest desires, i.e. with our life purpose and our mission.

We were all born with the desire to help and to create … and then… life happens.

What we long for gets pushed to the backburner, our careers shift or drift further and now there is this nagging inside calling out:

‘it’s about time to go back to what makes your heart sing’

If you are looking to understand what your deepest calling is

  • so that you feel aligned with your highest mission and purpose
  • wake up in the morning excited, rather than depleted or stressed
  • feel challenged in a good way
  • create new opportunities for your future
  • are making the impact you want around you
  • maximize and monetize your skills and are paid as you should
  • are recognized and validated

If you are looking for new ways to live your life and be in your relationships and in your career

  • without settling
  • without ever sacrificing your personal integrity
  • with alignment and flow
  • while realizing your career and financial potential

    My 4-month, 3-step one-on-one coaching and mentoring program Align your Career with your Highest Potential is a roadmap to help you:


    • get more clarity about your true life purpose
    • get in touch with your inner leadership qualities
    • understand and resolve inner conflicts and self-sabotaging behaviors
    • understand and leverage your innate qualities
    • identify and install rituals that work best for you
    • get rid of unhelpful habits
    • re-ignite your inner fire
    • re-motivate yourself to reach your goals
    • identify the career that aligns most with your inner compass


    The process:

    • Twelve 60 min sessions, 4 weekly sessions for the first month, 3 sessions in month 2, 3 sessions in month 3 and 2 in the 4th month
    • Customized support and resources in between sessions
    • Welcome gifts – customized for you.
    • Exclusive access to new courses, that include videos, hypnosis recordings and workbooks

    The tools:


    • coaching exercises
    • hypnosis
    • neuro-linguistic programming (nlp)
    • archetypal work
    • chakra work/ physical and spiritual chakras
    • energy work
    • emotional freedom technique (tapping)
    • Hieros Gamos – the Sacred Inner Union Ritual

    Month 1: the Foundation – Rebuilding your Inner House from top/down to buttom/up

    In the first month, you will:

    • Understand the basics of your chakra system
    • Learn how to work with your 3 ‘earth’ chakras
    • Build your first alignment tool
    • Create, anchor and ground your goals
    • Understand your money archetype


    Month 2: Discover your Inner Leader – Who’s hiding behind those curtains?

    The second month is about:

    • Understanding your soul contract archetypes
    • Learn how to co-create with your survival archetypes
    • Tame your self-sabotaging behaviors
    • Learn how to set healthy boundaries
    • Have a real sense of your self-worth


    Month 3: Rise and Shine – Own and embrace your Soul’s genius

    In the third month, you will:

    • Have a clearer idea about what you are here on Earth to be and do
    • Develop tools to get you to a place of balance and purpose, in any environment
    • Working on your goals and re-aligning your career


    Month 4: The Integration – Putting it all together

    In the final month, you will:

    • Feel more at peace with your inner leader archetype
    • Feel more in-tune with your inner desires and your inner guidance
    • Have better control in your life
    • Be ready to co-create and manifest your Soul’s mission

    What is the New Earth? the integration of the spiritual and the worldly – this is the main focus of my Align your Career to your Highest Potential Program.  Not having to prioritize one over the other, rather, owning all those parts of you that make you unique – contact me here for a free consultation!

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